My IPIP-NEO Results with Comments

About a month ago, I have done the IPIP-NEO test for the Big Five personality traits. I have done in, because it is a test that is also sometimes used in research. Or at least, if I remember correctly, some of the studies that I have read had used it. So I wanted to see if I am on the same side through this test as I am through the previous one or my personal opinion.

What this test does do is divide each trait in 6 different subtraits. So instead of just giving the results for 5 traits, it gives the results for 30 subtraits as well. While there is still some discussion about the best number of subtraits, I think they are still useful, as they give an indication of what is included in the trait.

Also, the results are percentile in comparison to the women about my age from Slovenia. So if I have the result of 70, that means that I am higher on this trait than 70 percent of women around my age from Slovenia. If I have the result of 25, then I am only higher on this trait as 25% of these same people.

Extroversion (low)

Extroversion 1
Friendliness 1
Gregariousness 1
Assertiveness 10
Activity Level 21
Excitement-Seeking 8
Cheerfulness 17

Well, this is not a surprise to me or anyone that actually knows me. I am almost the exact opposite of the person that is the epitome of the extroversion. Well, apparently 99% of people my gender and around my age (so student and young workers) are more extroverted.

The only two subtraits that are a bit higher, but still well below average, are activity level and cheerfulness. So while I do on the first glance appear complete extroverted, I am able to be busy and experience positive emotions. Yes, I am aware that some of this descriptions can be a bit... insulting.

Agreeableness (low)

Agreeableness 20
Trust 86
Morality 34
Altruism 1
Cooperation 32
Modesty 15
Sympathy 17

My score in agreeableness is low, though not as low as my score in extroversion. In this case only 80% of people are more getting along with people better and care about other people more.

The one thing that does goes really against the whole picture is the trust value. I apparently, more than the majority of people I was compared to, assume that people have good intention. Considering that I am compared with my country men, I am not that surprised. There is way too much mistrust in anybody that are not the the circle on the closest friends. But maybe I am just seeing things through the lenses of my own personality.

Conscientiousness (average)

Conscientiousness 33
Self-Efficacy 15
Orderliness 66
Dutifulness 33
Achievement-Striving 12
Self-Discipline 43
Cautiousness 48

Well, I barely broke the level needed for the average conscientiousness. But even so, my marks are a bit everywhere. My score connected to self-confidence and striving for goals are very low, but on the other hand, I have above average need for order. This is the first time that I might not agree with the results. I don't live in that organized manner. I mean, my circumstances dictate (doing two masters at the same time), that I need to be a bit organized. But I would not say that I am better than more than half of all people.

I do agree that I am not striving for achievement as much and I do have frequent boots on nervousness about not being good enough. So I agree with this part at least.

Neuroticism (average)

Neuroticism 36
Anxiety 46
Anger 17
Depression 36
Self-Consciousness 63
Immoderation 54
Vulnerability 30

Well, for neuroticism as well, I have passed the border that goes toward the average scores. Considering that unlike all of the other traits, neuroticism is considered negative, I should probably be less proud of it. But I can not help but be proud that I have such a low scores of anger. Some people might say that anger is productive, but I am quite happy seeing that I don't have quite high levels of it.

Which puts my school years into perspective, because there the situation got so bad, that I reacted in anger on multiple times. Even with such a low scores, I am still far away from the saint.

I have high score of self-consciousness, which I would personally agree with, but I don't think most of the people would. At least according to what they think about me. And these scales give usually the same result for inter- and intra- evaluations. But some people are afraid of me and some find me intimidating (don't know why though), so maybe this is just a perception based on my low agreeableness and low extroversion. Since I imagine that people with that combo usually don't feel that trapped by the other people's opinions.

Thankfully, I can somehow ignore these feeling because of the family I was raised in. But there are still there.

I also have the average score in immoderation, which would mean that I don't have many craving. Which would be a news to the people that think I live as a monk. Vegetarian, who doesn't drink coffee or alcohol, don't smoke and don't have sex. But I do have cravings and if you put a chocolate in front of me, there is soon not going to be one.

Openness (low)

Openness 28
Imagination 89
Artistic Interests 1
Emotionality 1
Adventurousness 45
Intellect 75
Liberalism 43

Well, finally the trait, where it would go against my expectations. I would expect that my results in this one would be relatively high. But it is true, that I have no interest in aesthetics, neither am I prone to express my feelings openly, so I guess the two scores do depress my scores quite well. Having the average need to try new activities and with the notion of challenging authority, as I do have some of it, but I am far away from the true novelty seekers and rule breakers.

What I am proud of, and what I though the openness mostly entailed, is the high scores in imagination, and even more than that, intellect. I am proud that I am more likely than most people to play with ideas, enjoy intellectual debates and enjoy riddles and puzzles and similar things. It is a big part of my identity, so I am glad that I got a high score in this.

Though getting a high score in imagination is also not that bad. Even if it gives me the image of somebody that is with their head in the clouds.