How to Find Another Person's MBTI Type: Letters (Tieger, Barron-Tieger)

While I have been reading the book The Art of Speedreading People, on the very beginning of the book, they dedicate some of their space to the questions that help people decide their type. Down below I am replicating the question for my notes:

  1. Extroversion/Introversion:

  2. What energizes me the most - interacting with other people or being by myself?

  3. Where do I like to focus my energy - in the outer world of people and things or in the inner world of ideas and thoughts?
  4. Which do I prefer more - to be around others or to spend time by myself?
  5. Would I rather work on several projects at the same time or focus my attention on one task at the time?
  6. Am I more comfortable acting first, then thinking about it or thinking things through before I act on them?
  7. Am I more of a 'public person' or more of a 'private person'?

  8. Sensing/Intuition

  9. Do I usually pay more attention to the facts and details or do I try to understand the connections, underlying meaning, and implications?

  10. Am I more down-to-earth and sensible person or an imaginative and creative one?
  11. Which do I trust more: my direct experience or my gut instinct?
  12. Am I more tuned into the here-and-now or do I often imagine how things will affect future events?

  13. Thinking/Feeling

  14. Do I make decisions more objectively, weighing the pros and cons, or based on how I feel about the issue, and how I and others will be affected by it?

  15. Which words describe me better: logical and analytical, or sensitive and empathetic?
  16. Is it more important to be truthful, even if it hurts someone's feelings or to be tactful, even if it means telling a little white lie?
  17. Which usually persuades me more? A good logical argument or strong emotioanl appeal?
  18. Which is the greater compliment: to be tough or to be tender?

  19. Judging/Perceiving

  20. Do I tend to make most decisions quickly and easily or does making decisions often make me anxious and unsure?

  21. Would I rather have things settled and decided or be able to leave my options open, just in case something unexpected comes up?
  22. Is it very important for me to be in control of most situations or am I often comfortable letting others call the shots?
  23. Am I very conscious of time and almost always punctual or do I frequently run late and find time has somehow slipped away?
  24. Which is more true of me: I'm generally very organized or I often have trouble finding things and keeping organized?
  25. Which is truer for me: I prefer to get my work and chores done before I relax or I can often find compelling reasons to put a task off until a later time?