The Results of my Entrepreneur DNA Test from the Founder Institute

I have gotten my results to the Founder Institute's Entrepreneurial DNA test, where they told me that I am a Visionary. They are apparently the people that:

are always looking at the big picture, coming up with new ways to push the limits. You are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, and devising new ways to put them into action.

Which, alright, it is faltering and I hope that I am that kind of person. Out of all of the profiles that they have listed on their website, this one seems to be the most like me. Even though, deep down, I would prefer the Strategist one.

What I am interested is in a specific part of the personality that I had different from other people. Apparently visionaries have higher openness (which is true for me), higher fluid intelligence (possible true, as long as mensa IQ measures fluid intelligence) and higher extroversion (which is not true at all).

They do write, that I have lower emotional stability, which I would say is true, even though the tests don't show it as strongly. So I have to be careful because:

I may have the tendency to become overly negative in stressful situations, which could hinder my potential as an entrepreneur.

So what are other entrepreneurial personalities, that they claim that they are possible. Here is a table comparing these personalities with different personality and intelligence traits:

Type of Entrepreneur Name Extroversion Openness Fluid Intelligence Conscientiousness Agreeableness Emotional Stability
The Visionary 40% above 20% above 10% above
The Machine 5% below 10% above 80% above
The Innovator 10% above 25% above 5% below
The Hustler 15% above 25% above 15% above
The Prodigy 15% above 45% above 25% above
The Strategist 5% above 10% above 55% above

I am not sure what the average population is, that they are matching against, but I am going to guess than it is all the people that wanted to take the test. Which means, that the average population is most likely skewed to match the types of people than are entrepreneurs. So the values above are most likely values compared to entrepreneurial group of people.

So, what can we learn from this? It tend to be better for people to have higher fluid intelligence, higher agreeableness, higher conscientiousness, higher extroversion, and in most cases, higher openness and higher emotional stability.

I find it interesting, that they claim that IQ and conscientiousness are not measured, as they have no predictive power. But there still list conscientiousness on their profiles, like the machine and the hustler. They also measure the fluid intelligence, which I was convinced that was equal to IQ, though I know that some IQ tests also measure crystallized intelligence, for example different measures of verbal IQ.

Well, taking the test was fun, even though I am kind of disappointed that I did not get a detailed results for myself. But I guess, considering that it is an evaluation test, it is not really meant for increasing self-knowledge.