New Political Parties and Personality Types

There is one curious thing in the Slovenian politics. In the last couple of parliamentarian elections, there have been a new political party and came there, in a lot of cases also took a substantial amount of votes. The interesting thing is, that they tend to be left political parties and not old ones.

In Slovenia, there are some right leaning parties, but out of the ones that had come in the parliament in the recent decade, they were all incorporated in 2000 or before.

On the other side, on the last two parliamentary elections, the relative winners were the parties that were created on the year when the elections were talking place. And if the one before, as least the mayor of the capital was leading it, in the most recent election the person did not even have much experience with politics.

Which does show that the results of it were... let me be nice and call it underwhelming.

Also, there are a lot more left leaning parliamentary parties in Slovenia, then they are right leanings.

This has to do with the need for the firm borders and the need for stability that the people with the high conscientiousness have. They are much more likely to vote for the party that had already shown their results. And they traditionally vote right. Which is why, in the recent decade, there were only three right leaning parties in the parliament: SDS, NSi, and SLS.

On the other hand, people with high openness are creative and they want to try new things. Which is why, when people show these people a new face, they are much more likely to simply give it a choice. And there were a couple of new faces like that, from SMC in the 2014 elections, to PS in the 2011 elections. In both cases, they won.

Also people with high openness traditionally vote left. Well, they would not like the phrase that they do anything traditionally, but I don't care if they feel insulted. :) That is why there are, at least in Slovenia, so many different new parties on the left side each elections, that they actually achieve something. But the same can not be said for the right leaning parties. Even if some do appear, they don't seems to have much success.

And it is also through these things, that the personality of the people show. Not only do they differ in the preferred policies and ideology, but also in what will they accept from other people.

That is why, when people complain that they are all these 'new faces', I just smile. We would need to become a lot more right-leaning country for these new faces to become less prominent.

Which, arguably, I don't see happening in a near future, as the personality of the people don't change that quickly.