MBTI Typing: Lisa Cuddy (House MD) - ESTJ

Next in this House MD series is Cuddy.

 Lisa Cuddy

Now, unlike the previous two, House and Wilson, she is not using the Ti-Fe combination, but the Te-Fi combination. She is all about efficiency. She bugs House about efficiency, but she also employed him, because he is the best and worth some problems, she invited Vogler in, because his money would make them better. She makes sure everything runs smoothly and she is really good at it. She created a good system and knows how to bargain for real-life results, for example her bet about the parenthood, where her bet was House attending the symposium.

So, if she is Te, and I think she is using Te as the first function, that makes her a ExTJ. So, she is either using the Si as her second function, making her a ESTJ or she is using a Ni as her second function, making her a ENTJ. Originally I though she was an ENFJ, because she seems to be pretty good at seeing the possibilities and dealing with the crisis. Until I remembered, that she was not that good with dealing with the crisis, like in the case of the sick babies, where she started swabbing everything. And that her dealing with new situations is much more see a possibility in the Ne, than dealing with the situation with what is available Se. And if she is using Ne more than Se, then she is using Si more than she is using Ni.

Not to mention that the description for the ESTJ fitted her a bit more than the description for the ENTJ.

Interestingly, the ones that don't put her in the ESTJ bracket usually put her in the feeling category, like ESFP, ENFJ and ESFJ. When looking at the first impression, I would say that Cuddy is more giving the impression of regulation (Te), then either the validating (Fe) or judging (Fi). I would say that there is some judging seen, but it is a lot less visible than regulation, which would indicate that she is using Fi, but not as much as Te.

On the perceiving side, there is the choice between the divining-enjoining (Ni-Se) goals and accounting-enabling (Si-Ne) goals. She seems to be a lot more on the accounting-enabling side. She is accountable and responsible and she tried to make sure everybody else is as well. But she is also enabling, making sure that doctors have the ability to do their job the best way they know, as long as they are accountable.

Putting this together, she still seems like an ESTJ.

And the last test for the letters. She looks outward, she reacts to what is in her environment (I). She always goes from the experience, not concepts (S), she is putting more emphasis on the use (T) and she is all about the action, and not generating the options (J). Which confirms the theory that she is the ESTJ.