MBTI Typing: James Wilson (House MD) - INFJ

Next in the House MD typing series is Dr. James Wilson.

James Wilson

The first thing that I noticed here was the strong use of Fe function. Wilson is all about helping other people in order to make them feel better. Either is was by eliciting responses by House about what is wrong, helping Cameron deal with telling patients the bad news or making sure that House apologizes to the people he hurt. He is also the one that brings cases to the House because he cares.

Compared to the Fe, there was not a lot of Te, of him being efficient or task oriented. There also was not a lot of Fi, as he is much more oriented to the emotions of other people than his own. Not to mention, his 'morality' seems to be constructed around the social accepted views and making people feel better, which is a sign of having a stronger Fe. Ti was sometimes seen, but it was on a way lower level than the Fe.

So, if Fe is his strongest function, then his other function must be either Ni or Se. So the question was whenever Wilson uses the Ni-Se functions or the Si-Ne functions. Well, the Si-Ne combination would be using the storage of knowledge about the past to find the new possibilities. Instead, I think Wilson is using the Ni-Se, using the current cues to predict the future.

Only now, writing this, did I realize how much of my knowledge is encoded in a implicit manner. It is kind of a fun exercise trying to write down why I think what I think. So, when I am trying to say, that Wilson is using the Ni-Se, I am very much going back to the stereotypes only, because I don't know how to verbalize my intuition. Kind of like trying to explain what do I experience in a way for other people to understand.

I can try to explain with the contrast. When comparing within the House cast, the House and Wilson are in the Ni-Se camp, while Foreman and Cameron are in the Si-Ne camp. House and Wilson are a lot more in the concentrated, live more in the present instead of the past, unlike the Cameron and Foreman.

Now, he could be both the INFJ and ENFJ. I spend some time, because I was not sure which was right. On the end I decided on INFJ, because the description for INFJ fitted him better than one for ENFJ. Also, he is not using Fe most of the time, but there is another function. Which means that it is most likely that Fe is a second function. Also, it looks like it goes used for some other goal than just social harmony (he defends House too much for social harmony to be his strongest suit), which points to Fe not being the first function. So INFJ.

Unlike for House, there were a lot less choices for Wilson. People in the internet generally put him in just three types: INFJ, INFP and ISFJ, with INFJ being predominant. But just in case, I will do the Beebe test just in case. This means that instead of Fe, he could use Fi and instead of Ni, he could use Ne or Si.

The first difference is between the validating, affirming and relating (Fe) and judging, appraising and establishing a value (Fi). I don't know about you, but Wilson is much better described with the Fe words than with the Fi words.

The second is between Ni, Ne and Se. Since the Fe was confirmed before, testing Si and Ni would be enough, but let compare all three of them. Between implementing, verifying and accounting (Si), entertaining, envisioning and enabling (Ne) and imagining, knowing and divining (Ni), I am pretty sure I can immediately cancel the Si out. Now, I can see some enabling in him, but I don't see this as a goal, more the opposite. His goal is not about enabling people at all. Instead, he is much more closer to the Ni words, at least the way I see it.

Which would confirm the INFJ for me.

The last test is to test the letter as well:

  • Looking outwards or inwards? Inwards (I) - this is the one I am not 100% sure of
  • First acting or looking for options? Acting - once there is something to act upon (J)
  • Starting from experience or concepts? Concepts (N)
  • Concentrate on the meaning or use? Meaning (F)

On the end, it seems that the most likely type at this point is INFJ.