MBTI Typing: Allison Cameron (House MD) - INFP

Now I am at the people that I am most uncertain in. I will still try to make a typing, because I think it is going to be a good exercise to help with my typing skills. So the next one in the line is Cameron.

Allison Cameron

In order to try and eliminate at least some of the types, I am first going to try to see if she can be classified in some of the four Keirsey temperament. These temperaments are the artistic and sporty people that are good at keeping track of the gossip (SP), the logistic, dependable and able to organize the systems well (SJ), the ideological, people-happy types of people (NF), and the knowledge seeking ones (NT). Yes, I am aware that my descriptions are a bit biased.

She is most likely to be the NF temperament. That means that she has either the Fe-Ni or Fi-Ne as their two strongest functions. So let me first start with the Fe vs. Fi. On the first glance, she is using a lot of Fe, as she is the one to make sure people feel nice. But when comparing her to Wilson, there is a big difference here. Wilson is much more directed to the other people, while she is putting her feelings in front of feelings of other people. Like when she should not tell the patients the bad news and so on. Also, she is just as likely, if not more likely, to appear judging and appraising (Fi), than validating and reaffirming (Fe). This puts a strong word for the Fi vs. Fe. So that would make her a xxFP.

The next are the perceiving functions. I think there are some good indications of the Ne. For example, when she is talking to Cuddy about the alternative diagnosis in the nun case. Or, on the beginning of the second season (yes, in the mean time I watched an additional two episodes), where she was trying to do everything she could to try and prove that her patient is not terminally ill, coming up with different possibilities and tests. On the other hand, she is using a lot less Se than somebody like House and she does not seems to have that confidence in her knowledge that comes with Ni. But there is a lot of Si use, because she connects a lot of her emotions through her own past, that she can connect with the current situation, which indicates the usage of Si. So she is a Ne-Si user, which would make her either xNxP or xSxJ. Considering the upper info, that makes her likely to be xNFP.

There are still two types left, INFP and ENFP. But in her case, this decision seems easy. Her Ne is fueled through the Fi, and not the other way around. So, he is more likely to be INFP, than ENFP.

For the last check, she is about meaning, not use (F), she is about concepts, and not the specifics - her argument with Cuddy in the nun episode is a good indicator (N). She is about options, and not actions (P) and she is more inward than outward (I). So an INFP seems like a good type for now.