I Want to See my Profiles that Companies Collected

I am currently reading the book Networks of Control. I am not finished yet, but now I can say, that if you have worries about how your personal data is used, then I suggest to read this book.

I would really like to see, if their vision can come true. The problem that I see is, that the data mugging have become a billion dollars worth industry that have high lobby powers, which was more or less the natural progression of what existed before that. And they are not going to give up their power to analyze their data.

Thought it would be interesting, if the sites at least revealed what they think about us, even if we get no chance to control our data. Google used to have this, but I am unable to find it again and the links pointing to it all now point to just a general adds page. I remember that the first time that I looked, it had me a 10 older than I am, and of a different gender. But I was surprised that it had picked up on all of the languages that I was learning. The second time that I looked it, it had me now as a correct gender and I was only a couple years older than I really was.

Though the reason why nothing is shown is most likely because I have probably at some point in the past set some privacy settings. I have downloaded my google data, and I was surprised at how sparse it was. For example, in my YouTube, there is nothing in the search or viewing history. Also, in the map history, there was only one place (address of the main building of University of Vienna, if anybody is interested).

But there could be potentially problem with including profiles like this. Some people could take the scores that are calculated about us hard. I would find it more interesting, as it tells me that my behavior on the internet corresponds to specific group, which tells me something about myself. But let us take that our IQ, future illnesses and financial possibility would be included in this. Some people could end up depressed, and I believe that we are using enough opioids as it is, we don't need more.

Still, I think in this case, giving the possibility would be enough. All the privacy conscious people would find it, so it would serve the purpose. And the rest of them can exist in their cat-filled existence, happy that they don't have to worry about things like that, so they will also not have any negative effect.