I Am Looking for a Text-Based Contact System

I am having a problem. I have noticed that I have way too many contact information form various people, that I have no way to actually organize. I could make an account to some of the cloud service and updated all the contact information of the people up there, and they would help me sort it. But I am not sure that this is a route that I want to use.

The main reason why I don't want to use it, is that if I am going to use a quick way of dealing with this data, this will make me want to store way to much contacts, even with the people that I have not seen in years and will most likely never to talk again. But if I actually go through them and decide what to do with each one, that could also serve as a sort of spring cleaning. I can then slowly allow my mind to clean these memories and allow other things to exist there.

Basically is like when people decide to clean their social media contact, but instead I am going through all my contacts.

In order to do this, I was trying to find a good text-based contact system. After all, a text-based calendar and text-based to-do lists exist. But so far I have not find anything, except to simply copy everything into a text file and then using the find function to find what I need. Which will most likely lead to many duplicates and having the data which I do not need.

So if you have an idea, I would like to hear from you on the sarajaksa@gmail.com. Because I might simply not be seeing the solution which is already there.

(I actually find it funny, that I can pretend that anybody is actually reading the blog. Which I doubt a bit.)