Gender Roles and Self-Perception

Do the gender roles exist in today's world or not? If the goal is for the two genders to be on the completely the same level, then I have to admit that we are still far away. There are still differences seen. For one, so far I have not seen a man getting pregnant, for one thing.

I am not sure that having a completely equal genders is actually a worthwhile goal. I would much prefer the world where people have equal opportunity, but not equal standing. After all, more than gender, is it not better for people to make decisions regardless of gender.

But this will most likely lead to the world, where the genders will on average probably make different choices. Women tend to be more agreeable than man, and only this point can make women choose different choices. Though, now I got interested in how culture is shaping our personality...

There are actually tests that test the gender personality. I have done two, one based on the original BSRI test and one other one that is called OSRI. In both of them, my score for masculinity was higher than for femininity. With the OSRI, I could see that my femininity score was not high enough to be androgynous, which would mean that I have both of them on the high enough level.

test gender result methodology
BSRI male 62.5 out of 100
BSRI female 34.167 out of 100
BSRI neutral 50.833 out of 100
OSRI male 106 mean=100, sd=15
OSRI female 83 mean=100, sd=15

What do these results mean? It means that I see myself more in the light of personal characteristics, that are more male-like in our society. Though, I would not consider the independent, self-reliant and own belief defending to be a particularly male characteristics. But this may be again because, I see myself as a female, but I also see myself with these characteristics.

It does makes me wonder... do male that score high no femininity then want to stay home and take care of children? Or or is this simply the differences in the personality distribution of both genders and these differences simply got exaggerated and imprinted on the cultural noosphere? Or did the differences in personalities emerged, because there were different standards, and people that adhered to this standards were the one that could pass on the genes? I guess the third one could be answered, depending on how much the personality is gender specific?

On the end, I do hope that we live in a world, where if a male wants to be home with his children, he can be. And if a woman wants to be CEO or a civil engineer, she can be. But let us not hope for the world, where half of women will be 'forced' into STEM and half of the man to stay at home.