Different Moods of Presentations

I remember when I was in the Toastmasters, I for some times was thinking about how to make my speeches more varied. Unlike most of my co-members, I was more interested in experimenting, than in polishing each speech and the basic skills. Now, I will admit that most members improved a lot more from speech to speech. But unlike the rest of them, I think I had less anxiety.

Well, in order to make it more varied, the following list helped a lot. I think I got the list from one of the Steve Pavlina's videos, but I am unable to find it again. I think it was his presentation before the conscious heart workshop.

Here is the list:

  • lecture
  • storytelling
  • reading
  • written exercises
  • partner exercises
  • small group exercises
  • sharing opinion / experience
  • crowdsourcing / brainstorming
  • demonstration
  • physical exercises
  • hot calls/live coaching
  • games
  • creative exercises
  • mingling
  • field work
  • Q&A

Inside the Toastmasters speech, there are some that are hard to be used, for example mingling or field work. But I had used 10 of these methods inside my speeches. And it was fun.

I am posting it here, in case somebody else also finds it useful.