Differences in Privacy Between US and Europe

I have recently read a quite interesting articles that discussed the differences in privacy between US and Europe. The main differences that it was supposed to exist, is between dignity and liberty. In Europe, the value of dignity privates and that means that every person has the right to control their own image, created from the distrust in the mass media. In US, the liberty is relatively a much more important value, brought forth by their distrusts in the state, which means that they have the right to the privacy at their homes, and protecting the free speech and free markets.

This actually explains a bit, why I am sometimes surprised at some of the resistance that I see in an occasional news from US. I never understood what was the problem of requiring everybody to have an ID, or why people are so against the registration of the weapons. But if their notion of privacy really came from their distrust in the state power, then this makes is more acceptable.

The article also has an interesting historical overview of why Europe has these values.

As I like personality types, I have also started to think about what does this mean from the personality point of view. I could actually see this from the perspective of the Jung's function.

I think it could be explained from the place of where the problem stems. In the US, the problem is the state, a giant, usually Te like organization, where their goal is to make the running of the country efficient, while achieving all of its goals. In the Europe, the problem was mass media, the Fe like way of spreading information, so everybody can be aware of it and judge them.

It is interesting to notice, that US is a country with a highly developed Te"). Things are a bit more complicated in the Europe, as it is a group of different groups with different personalities, that are nonetheless connected together with the shared historical narrative, if nothing else. Thought, maybe the same is true for US, but from the outside perspective, I just can't see it well.

Why I find this interesting to notice is, as from my limited understanding of Jung, the dangerous part are usually the parts that are less developed. But I guess this is not that relevant in this case.

But in this case, it seems like people are alright with the opposite of them, so the Europe is relatively more alright with the state intervention than US. But also US is more alright with the intrusion into their life from the non-state parties than Europe.

But now I am starting to think... about about the non-Western civilizations? What values do, for example Japan, have for their privacy?