My Hypothesis for a MBTI Teaching Styles

I have recently found some notes that I have written about my hypothesis of the MBTI teaching styles based on my observations of myself and others. Here I am going to make a short overview of these differences. I don't know why I am actually writing this, as I would need to be working on my school projects, but since I have about 10 minutes and nothing can be done in this time, I might as well write a short note. It might actually help somebody.

The first difference that I think exist is the difference between Ti and Te. What I noticed is, that people that have Ti in their upper stack tend to have a more disorganized way to present information than people with Te in their higher stack. What I am not entirely sure if this difference come from the difference in strength from Ti and Te, or simply the difference between the introverted judging and extroverted judging. I am saying this, because one example of a teacher that I have is ENFP, and he, while quite knowledgeable on variety of topics, is not the most organized teacher (it is portably the least organized teacher I had, and at least one of my classmate told me that they can't follow their leaps of logic). But he would be in the Te camp. Also, his assistant, and INFJ was a lot more organized, and she would be in a Ti camp. This is why I started to think that instead of Ti and Te, which would be a lot more intuitive explanation, it might be introverted and extroverted judging functions.

Also, there is a difference if a person uses a Si-Ne or Ni-Se loops. The people with Ne-Si combination tend to relate their subject to many other points, either inside the subject or outside. And the Se-Ni are a lot better at staying on topic. Considering that I so far did not notice the discrepancy and that I also noticed this in a conversation, I am quite sure of it.

Intuitively, I would have said that Fe are a lot more careful in what topics to present, and how they will be accepted then Fi. I have seen some indications of that, but no majority leanings yet. This one is hard for me to test, because my Fe is constantly telling me what is appropriate, but it is wrong a lot of times. It might be true.

I hope this thinking gives you some food for thought. Is there anything that you have noticed in the MBTI style of teaching?