How Much do you Want to Think?

I still remember my talks with one of my Toastmasters co-members. I was always on the side of needing to make people think during the speech. He was on the opposite side. He was convinced that people that listen to speeches are usually tired and distracted and the speech needs to be made as simple as possible and then even simpler.

I agree with him more now that I did back then. But then again, back there I did not understand, why would people not want to think. I was a bit naive at that time, and I probably still am. Well, eventually I found out that there are things that some people don't want to think about and some people were less likely to want to think.

On thing that can measure this is Need for Cognition Scale, that I recently found on the internet. Sure, I took the shorter version that is posted on this site. I am at 80% percent, if the 50% is middle and 100% and 0% are the end points.

Not sure, if the scale is linear, logarithmic or something else. Also, I have no idea how do I compare to other people. But I am quite proud that I am on the higher need for cognition side. Which you most likely would not realise, considering the level of my English writing on this site, which is horrid.

So, how much do you want to think?