Did you Think about how much the Technology will Change You?

One thing that I noticed recently is, how much do some of the technology change the way we think, feel and behave. It might be easier for me to look for this, as for one, I am the only person that I know that has no phone number and even though I do have a phone, in most days I only use it as an alarm clock.

But here I am not going to talk about how other people use technology. Just because I think that constant checking makes them miss quite a lot, it is their own choice. Instead, I am going to be talking about a couple of technologies that I am using and what I am noticing when I am using it.

I am going to start with the email. The email was quite nice for me, as long as it was only used to get blog posts and to arrange for the meeting times with people, that I did not see that frequently. But now that I am abroad, I get a lot of messages that are more like conversations about our lives. In one way, it is kind of nice to get some sort of message of that is going on. On the other hand, it is a really strong reminder, that I am not spending the time in person. When I was in Germany and Hungary, that was not that bad, since I only got these kinds of messages from my family. And we found the frequency that worked for us.

But now, it is not just my family, but it is some of my classmates, some of my former co-members of the Toastmasters and so on. And not only are these not the substitution for the face to face communication, they also made me realise, that I am not really living the life of 'excitement' that is expected from the life abroad.

And this can be real pressure. I am not interesting to the party scene, and I don't like seeing attractions, which means that I mostly work for school, good to the meetups and walk around the city. Not very interesting, when I actually have to talk about it. So even though I am satisfied with the life that I am currently having, I can still feel this pressure.

This pressure is NEVER present, when I talk to people face to face. So, yes, when it comes to the actual communication with other people, I really don't like the email. But I use email because it is convenient. Made me start to seek the different way how I am going to handle this in the future.

Now that I think about it, the working hours is something that we accepted because of the technology change. I guess for some people, the first association would be industrial revolution. But my first association is with agriculture.

Before we had agriculture, we lived in a completely different community. But the best part, in order to live a life, a person worked on average 6 hours per day. But don't compare your working day to this. The preparing the food and eating were included in these 6 hours.

But then we decided that the advantages of the agriculture were worth working more. I don't know if it was a well-thought decision at the time or if people adopted it because it was popular. But a decision that most people adopted 10.000 years ago robbed us of free time, that we still did not get completely back. We came a long way, but there is still a way to go.

There are many other examples in my life. I currently don't want a car in my life, because the cost, the time needed to take care of it and so on is higher than what it would help in my life. Everybody tells me that this will change and I am open to it, but I can't see myself with the car, even in my future. I do like kitchen utils. I am really missing the oven right about now, and I would take any oven. But if it would go my way, I would have a professional oven.

I think it is really important to make sure, that we decide in which technology to accept in our life deliberately. Because any technology that we use is going to change us. The question is, how and if the results of the technology make up for these changes.