The Big Five analysis of Tony Stark from Iron Man Script

I have recently found another website, that calculates the personality scores simply based on the text used. This one comes from the IBM, and I was really impressed with the accuracy fo the results for me. But then I got another idea. Could this be used to find the personality types of the movie characters.

So the one that I tested on first was Iron Man. I used the script from the first Iron Man movie. I used all of Tony's lines until he ended up in the cave. The results are the following:

  • higher conscientiousness than 76% of people
  • higher neuroticism than 72% of people
  • higher agreeableness than 67% of people
  • higher openness than 35% of people
  • higher extroversion than 27% of people

I don't know, I would argue that Tony is kind of seeking new things, so that would mean that he needs a high extroversion or high openness. Also, having conscientiousness as the highest one... I mean, he does display some of them, like being workaholic. When we discuss dependency, it is only with some things. I don't know, I am not really satisfied with these results.

The site also provides the values and consumer needs of the person being analyses. For Tony, apparently the highest values are helping others, stimulation and taking pleasure in life. Which I do agree with, as least as far as I am aware of the character (I only watched MCU movies, so my knowledge is not that extensive).

Also there are some suggestions, which could be helpful for people's fanfiction writing. For example, apparently he likes horror movies, but does not enjoy documentary movies. Which would go with how I see the character.

The summary though... I guess I mostly agree with it. Even though my first knee reaction was on the opposite spectrum.

Now I am wondering what does this say about some of the other fictional characters.