Incrementalism or Big Changes: Which One is Better to Change Lifestyle

I sometimes really wonder which one of these two is a better way. On one had, the incrementalism has the pros that it does not make me experience the difference in my everyday life. On the other hand, the incrementalism is not really something that I could stick with on the long run.

On the other side, making big changes to the lifestyle usually does not make it stick either, as the force has to be big enough to overpower all the inertia and the resistance. In most cases, it is hard to summon this kind of power.

I actually like to sort of combine them. I am using the big changes, in order to bring the incrementalism to my life. Every time that I do some big change, I know that I am most likely not being able to stick with it. But each time I do a change like that it will bring the change in that direction to my everyday lifestyle.

One of the example was my experiment with not having the access to the internet until 19 o'clock. I have does this experiment for, if I remember correctly, 2 months. I still remember that before, one of the first things that I would do in the morning is starting a computer and check my email.

These day, if I actually have work to do, it is not hard to spend time without the internet for the first couple of hours. Also, before, if I thought I would be without internet for just a couple of hours, I would try to make sure I had enough things to do. These day, I know that it is very unlikely that I run out of work to do, even if I try to keep the minimal amount of work on my computer.

The other one that I used it was food. If I am comparing what I am eating now with what I was eating years ago, I am eating a lot less processed food. But most of my eating experiments ended up with my going back to my normal eating patterns (one exception was giving up meat, not including fish).

The third one was my social life. I would try to do these big changes from time to time, and sometimes along these lines, I had the social life that was quite abounded for me. It was a little easier, because I don't need a lot of socialization, and I don't want too many socialization. But I still want some, and at some point, I actually gained some social skills.

This could be used to many other things. Becoming more productive, increasing exercising time and many others. Right now I am trying to use it for learning. We will see how well it goes.