I have Taken a Strength Test and How this Relates to MBTI

Recently I have taken a random strength and weakness test that I found on the internet. I figured out that maybe this is going to help me narrow my focus even more. The site that I have linked is helpful enough that they tell you the percentage points for each one, but they only offer description for five top strengths and one bottom weakness.

Well, these percentages are based on the answers and might not be the exact, but the general rank of them can still be useful.

As far as for me, the strengths that passed the 75% mark were problems solving and innovation. My weakness, so strengths less than 25% were salesmanship, focus and optimism.

There was nothing that surprising there. But as I was looking at my results I noticed that this could be somehow predicted based on the Jung's functions that I am using.

I mean, I was high on the strengths that use Ti or Te, like problems solving. I also know it was not based on Te, because my strategic thinking was average. I also had high innovation and curiosity, two things that can go with Ne. And with this I got my type: INTP.

Now, if I take over my weaknesses, most, but now all are related to my underdeveloped Fe function, like salesmanship and teamwork. Even my communication is just average.

I also seems to have a weird looking Fi, function, because in some cases, like integrity and faith I am strong, but I have low self-motivations and balance. The same happens with Ni, where visionary is high, but focus is low.

This is just a case study, so I would not generalize this to other people, but it seems like strength can be connected to our strongest functions and weaknesses to our inferior function. It is the shadow functions that are unpredictable. Which is good, because unpredictability makes life more fun.