Health, Nature and Polarity

I have recently read the Notario's paper on the ecological self. While I was reading this paper, the notion of connectedness of nature and human reminded me of the polarity concept.

The paper mentions the interconnectivity of of everything that is alive as the most important discovery of the 20th century. Sure, we can discuss what is alive, but I think that unless we have dealt with the concepts for years, I doubt that we are going to be better than what Maturana and Varela did with the autopoetic systems.

While I was reading it, I was reminded of the polarity. How the people that are aware of this connections are the ones that can impact the whole, while the rest of us just do the random impacts that might not be what we intended.

The person that is aware of the connections with nature and it is trying to connect with it better would be called lightworker. And the person that is aware, but is using this connection for their own gain is a darkworker.

But the people that are trying to affect the nature and then they are surprised that their water supply is tainted, these people are just non-player characters in the story. Or any other answer that we get from the nature based on our actions, that we were not expecting.

Based on this, I guess it is the understanding of the system, the knowing of the nature truth that differentiate the two. The more a person is aware of the connections, the more it sees the whole and the more it can influence it. And the answer to what something is can be given from the ontology.

So the more a person is willing to search for the truth, the greater power it can have.

I have to admit, this made a lot of sense in my brain, but I am still posting it, because maybe somebody will get something from it.