My first MBTI typing: John Kennex (Almost Human) - ISTP

In order to try and practice my typing skills, I decided to try and see, if I am able to type some of the fictional characters. While I do that, I am going to try and show what information did I consider, partly because it is a nice record of how I am thinking at the time, and for the second one, because I don't really like to do it the way most other ones do. You know, when they just give examples of usage of functions and never explaining why this order or even why these functions.

John Kennex from Almost Humans

For my first one, I am going to be typing John Kennex from the series Almost Human. Simply because for some reason my brain decided that binging on the whole series is a good idea.

Because this sci-fi series concentrates on the differences between humans and machines (or synthetics, as they call them), a lot of this is concentrated on the feeling. Which is why for a first couple of episodes, I am been overconcentrating on the Fi vs. Fe difference. It was not an easy decision. I spend way to much time on this. On the end, I was not sure, but I was leaning more toward the Fi than Fe.

Things that went against Fe were the scene that he scared a child by stabbing his leg. His actions toward Dorian in the first episode or when Rudy went drinking with them was not what a strong Fe user would do. But that does not mean that he never shows it. He is actually good with people, knows when no to intrude on the date and so on. But at the same time, he seems aware of his feelings, he is better with people close to him and he does not have a strong outside reaction to his ex-girlfriend being behind the attack. Which could show stronger Fi, but on the other hand, some of these could also show the higher Te or Ti.

Also, for some reason I got the feeling, that he is quite strong Se user. He does not show the normal Ne jumps, he does not seems to be checking his inner library all the time. Also, he does not remind me of the couple of dominant Ni users that I know. But he does look at the environment to get ideas, and he seems to work best under extreme stress. Nardi did mention that Se types can experience flow while in stressful situations.

So then I tried to combine the two of them, and I got the most likely ESFP. The problem with this was, that as soon as I started to read the description, I knew this is not the right one.

Then I decided to rethink my thinking so far. I was much more confident in the Se, than in my Fi observations. But just to make sure, on how wrong track I was, I decided to check with the Keirsey's temperaments. I could almost immediately cross out the SJ (Guardians) and NF (Idealists). Between the SP (Artisans) and NT (Rationals), I felt that he was much closer to the SP than NT. SP means that Se is in the one of the first two functions, which means that here I seems to be on the right path.

In then read the descriptions of all the rest of the SP types. I could definitely see, that it is most likely the Se-Ti combination, since both ISFP and ESFP were so off the mark. But I could see quite a lot of similarities with both ISTP and ESTP. I thought the ISTP descriptions were a tiny bit more accurate, but not to the extent that I would be sure.

So in this case, I used to check, what is his weakness. The opposite of the first function, of the anima as the Jung calls it, is that weakness. So the opposite of the Se function would be Ni, and the opposite of the Ti would be Fe.

Now, I did not see much of indication, that Ni was posing much of the problem. On the other hand, I have already mentioned before, that sometimes Fe did pose some problems. Which would make his first function Ti, and as that a ISTP type.

Now to check if I was right, I am going to try and apply the A little bit of Personality Metodology, to see if I get the same result.

First one is the E vs. I dichotomy. It is whenever the person uses the inside or the outside information first. I don't know if it is because of the Karl Urban's playing, but every time he gets thrown a curveball, he pauses before reacting. I notice that first at the Are You Receiving? episode. He also is not very quick to change or at least show his change of opinions. So here I would say I more than an E.

The second is S vs. N or first focusing on the experience or concepts. He uses concrete stories to illustrate his thinking, be it the fishing story to Paige or the story about his father and dirty cops to Dorian. Also, when arguing about something, he uses experience to make his point. One of the most funny ones was, after he saw naked MX. When Dorian and him talked about the coach, it was shown that he goes from experience. So I would say here S.

The third one is T vs. F, or usage vs. meaning. I think he is more of a usage person. He goes through the memory retrieval because it holds information to his investigation. He says to Dorian to answer the help phones, because they might get information. I can't think of any instance, which would show him first attending to the meaning. So he is a T.

And the last is J vs. P or first acting or first observing. He is not the type that plans a lot, and he usually changes his actions based on the new information. No matter if he at that point believes it or not. So here I would say a P more than a J.

Since I got the same result with two different models, I am now mostly confident in my typing. I would say that John Kennex is an ISTP.