MBTI Typing: Slovenia (Country) - ISFP

Today I am going to try and type my own country. Which should be a lot weirder than it is. But let me try to put my thoughts in some sort of order.

I think that in Slovenia we don't have a lot of functions that we use in the healthy way. Our Si is very unhealthy, which could be seen in at least two points: one) we have no idea about our identity. The whole identification with the nation is non-existent. Second) we are using the past to try and hurt one another. For example, when people are attacking their political opponents, based on the world war 2 group mentality. And another one that I have just thought of is, that people expect that their actions are just going to be forgiven.

The one that I think we are relatively healthy with is surprisingly Se. Slovenia is known by their natural beauty. But that is not all, we not only have quite a lot of great sportsmen, considering the state of the professional sport in Slovenia. But even everyday people like to engage in the sport, from running, cycling to hiking and all sort of adrenaline sports as well. Not to mention, as lot of people like to eat, some putting emphasis on the quantity and some on quality, but I think most people would be said that they live to eat. Unlike me, who is clearly on the eat to live camp.

So is there any other perceiving function that could potentially work? I would like to say yes, but... our Ni is not that strong, even if we would really like to have it. The Ne could potentially be seen in the way that people learned to use their surrounding creatively, but I think that is our Se more than Ne. Simply because I don't really see other people see our future possibilities at all. So I am going to stick with the Se.

That would mean that our judging function is most likely an introverted one. So is my country more Fi-Te or Ti-Fe? Here it would be a harder to say. I am not entirely sure about it. I used to think that we had a strong Fe, but now that I am here in Austria, I am having my doubts. Here the whole society feels a lot more Fe than anything I have experienced in Slovenia. On the other hand, there is definitely an outside pressure in Slovenia, that is a lot more reminiscent of the Fe than of the Te.

Though now that I think about it, a lot of time people will use the letter of the law to put pressure on the people that they stand in their own way. So while the pressure might feel like Fe, I don't think it is actually Fe, now that I think about it.

So based on that, I would say that we are more of an Fi-Te society.

Since a couple of psychologists studied the culture and they found out that we are more introverted, that would make our stack Fi-Se-Ni-Te, and out type ISFP.

Based on the CAPT site the ISFPs are:

  • deep-felt caring for living things FALSE
  • a playful and sometimes adventurous approach to life MOSTLY TRUE
  • show their caring in very practical ways TRUE
  • warmth and concern are generally not expressed openly TRUE
  • quiet adaptability VERY TRUE
  • realism VERY TRUE
  • "free spirit" spontaneity (what does this even mean?)

While I am not that satisfied with the type, I think it is quite a good approximation to how they really are.