MBTI typing: Hungary (Country) - ESFJ

Next I am going to be typing a country, where I have spend 3 months doing an internship. And this is Hungary. My information mostly comes from living in the Eger, so it might not be representative of the whole country.

I think this is a country that I am going to have the easiest type typing. This is a country that is both high on Fe and high on Si. I think so far this is the country with the most noticeable national identity (which is kind of sad, in a way). Not only that, they are really proud of their history. In no places have I been asked so many time, whenever I have visited all of the monuments.

Not only that, it is a fairly Fe culture. Where people start by being accepted, but then they use social pressure. to try to keep everybody in line. And that was not just my imagination, a Hungarian actually started to explain that as something that he does not really like about his birth town.

Not to mention, I heard multiple stories how people were eating bread and fat for weeks, in order to afford some technological gimmick. You, know, to be like everybody else. That shows a preference for Fe over Se.

So the question now is, which of these is stronger? If the Fe is the first function, then they would show some Ne and their Ti would be their weak point. If Si is the first function, then they would show some Ti, but their Ne would be their weak point.

While I am less secure about this point, I would say that I saw some Ne, but not healthy Ti. Which is why I am going to guess that Ti is their inferior function, with Ne being their third function. This makes their type a ESFJ.

Now for the test based on the CAPT site ESFJ descriptions:

  • active and intense caring about people TRUE
  • strong desire to bring harmony into their relationships TRUE
  • aura of warmth to all that they do MOSTLY TRUE
  • move into action to help others, to organize the world around them, and to get things done TRUE
  • current facts and realities TRUE
  • a hands-on pragmatic quality PROBABLY TRUE
  • take their work seriously NOT SURE

So I guess I was not completely off the mark.