MBTI typing: Germany (Country) - ESTJ

Last time I was typing my own country. Let me now try to type the other countries where I lived. The first country that I have lived was Germany, and that was for the semester exchange during my undergraduate study. For disclaimer, I only lived there for 5 mounts and I am only aware of what Leipzig is like, so my typing can be very off the mark. But let me try anyway.

One of the first things that I noticed was, that Germany is very efficient. You know how people joke about it? Well, I don't know if they do where you come from, but I know they do in Slovenia. Well, it is all very true.

But surprisingly, it is not overly regulated (yes, Austria, I am looking at you). But the things that are regulated, are efficient and everybody seems to adhere to it. This was the only country where I never saw a person crossing at the red light.

While there was administration to deal with, it was manageable and it could be done in the afternoon.

So based on that, I would say that they have Te as pretty high. Also, the energy of the country was not Fe-like, but it was more Fi-like, which would confirmed this. I would describe the difference as the difference between acceptance and pressure. In the Fe like culture, it is easier to get into, because the people will generally want to actively invite you in. But on the other side, there is pressure. to conform to the many unwritten rules. As somebody with Fe as my inferior function, I can tell you that the pressure., once a person becomes aware of it, can be very real. The Fi culture on the other hand is not that active from the start, but I found them more tolerable to any difference.

Hard to make nay judgment on the Ti. It was a long time since I was there.

In this case their perceiving function is introverted. Now, did I notice more Ni or more Si there? I actually have a hard time deciding here. I would have to settle on Si, though I am not sure. The only reason being, that I did not really see much Se (but then I come from the culture, where Se is quite predominant), but I did notice some Ne. If Ne is in the first four functions, than that would make Si also one of the first four function.

But that makes me a little uncomfortable, since I imagine that in the Si country, there would be a lot more emphasis on the identity (there was some of that) or history (almost none of that).

Now, is Germany a ESTJ or a ISTJ country? Considering that I am that much more comfortable with the Te than Si, I would then say that they are most likely a ESTJ country.

So let me now compare this evaluation with the description from the CAPT site for ESTJ:

  • need to analyze and bring into logical order the outer world of events, people, and things NOT SURE
  • organize anything that comes into their domain TRUE
  • work energetically to complete tasks so they can quickly move from one to the next NOT SURE
  • current facts and realities TRUE
  • their thinking has pragmatic quality TRUE
  • take their responsibilities seriously TRUE

Well, overall, I guess this type does kind of fit them.