MBTI typing: Austria (Country) - ENTJ

Now I came to the forth (and for now) the last country that I have lived in. Well, more correctly would be the country that I am currently living in. I have right now spend a little over a month on the study exchange in Austria. And this is my way of trying to figure out the Austrian MBTI type.

Well, I only have limited information from Vienna, so I might be off the mark.

First of all, I would need to decide if they are the Ti-Fe or the Fi-Te culture. In the first couple of days, I was convinced that it was a Te like culture. But then I changed my mind. First, they have way more rules than any other country that I have visited so far. But they are not as efficient in them as some of the others.

That does not mean that Fi-Te is not the right answer. I am so far leaning more toward Fi-Te, simply because there is not pressure to confirm to the social norm. But there is pressure to confirm to the rules. So Fi-Te seems right.

Then it is the Ni-Se or Si-Ne one. Vienna is a city with the long tradition, but unlike in Eger, I don't get the feeling that I have the past shoveled at me. On the contrary, I actually have a lot more Ni vibes than on any other university I have visited so far. Everything is building toward some future goal, at least for the Austrians. As an Erasmus student, I have some more freedom.

There are also more people with some sort of notion what they are doing in the future than I am used to.

Not to mention, they are some people that have praised their culinary delights. That, which the lack of Si and the Ni vibes makes me think that they are Ni-Se society.

I am convinced that Fi is stronger than Te and Ni is stronger than Se. But that would put both of the strongest functions on the introverted site, which is not helping. But I am more convinced in the Ni-Se one. So for one, I would say that the Ni and Te are the strongest functions.

That would put either Fi or Se on the inferior position. I guess that between these two, I would put Fi in a weaker position.

That would put the Austrian type to the ENTJ. Now to do the check:

  • their need to analyze and bring into logical order the outer world of events, people, and things PROBABLY TRUE
  • natural leaders who build conceptual models that serve as plans for strategic action NOT SURE
  • orients their thinking to the future, and gives their thinking an abstract quality PROBABLY TRUE
  • actively pursue and direct others in the pursuit of goals they have set SO FAR SEEMS TRUE
  • they prefer a world that is structured and organized TRUE

As an interesting fact, I actually did the short analysis of the country in the first week of being here. For some reason I came to the ESTP evaluation, with three notes: first was the justification for the type, which was that Te was most likely in the senex position and not as developed as in Germany, the second that I am still undecided and the third that the axis are most likely Fe-Ti and Ni-Se. I also think that between ESTP and ENTJ description, the ENTJ description suits Austria better.