How Well Done Are MBTI Descriptions?

Since I used the CAPT site descriptions in my last two blog posts, I figured out that I could check if these descriptions also hold for real people. So I decided and try to do the same type of analysis for myself and my family.

Me, as an INTP (even though it is hard to judge myself):

  • to understand whatever phenomenon is the focus of their attention TRUE
  • want to make sense of the world TRUE
  • they often enjoy opportunities to be creative TRUE
  • logical HOPEFULLY TRUE
  • analytical TRUE
  • detached in their approach to the world DEPENDS
  • they naturally question and critique ideas and events TRUE
  • little need to control the outer world FALSE
  • often appear very flexible and adaptable in their lifestyle FALSE

Then my mother as an ENFP:

  • attention to the outer world of possibilities TRUE
  • excited by continuous involvement in anything new TRUE
  • experience a deep concern for people as well TRUE
  • interested in possibilities for people TRUE
  • energetic, enthusiastic people MOSTLY TRUE
  • lead spontaneous and adaptable lives PROBABLY FALSE

My sister as an ESTP:

  • enthusiastic attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences NOT SURE
  • continuous involvement in new activities PROBABLY FALSE
  • pursuit of new challenges POSSIBLY TRUE
  • logical and analytical in their approach to life TRUE
  • acute sense of how objects, events, and people in the world work TRUE
  • energetic and adaptable realists MOSTLY TRUE
  • who prefer to experience and accept life rather than to judge or organize it FALSE

And my father as an ISTP:

  • to understand how things and phenomena in the real world work so they can make the best and most effective use of them PROBABLY TRUE
  • logical and realistic people TRUE
  • natural troubleshooters TRUE
  • quiet and analytical observers of their environment TRUE
  • pursue variety and even excitement in their hands-on experiences PROBABLY FALSE
  • a spontaneous, even playful side TRUE
  • detached pragmatism TRUE

I think what this exercise is trying to tell me, is that I need to seriously reconsider the typing of my sister (I can't decide between ESTJ and ESTP, but I am leaning toward ESTP because she displays Ni, and no Ne). Besides, you know, that it is not such a bad indicator of the type. So I guess it is a good check to see how wrong did I go.