Why Daily Reporting Works and Why not Everybody should Use it

I have recently started a sort of implicit agreement with my sister. Well, I say implicit, it started as a joke and I am stubborn. It started with my sister being worried that I spend to much time with books and I will be asocial. I made a joke, that I will send her reports. And she replied that she doesn't mind.

Maybe on the second thought, it wasn't really implicit. :)

So it started that each day I send her a daily report of what I did as a social interaction. It could be a line, saying I had small talk with three people or longer descriptions of what I actually talked about.

Is it sad, that in the one week that I am doing this I realized, that I don't really have a lot of substantial socialization? And that so far I had written to my sister twice, that I had no social interaction with any human being?

Well, when I started doing it, I could always feel a pressure to go out on some sort of meetup or to talk to the people in my class, even if I was not in a mode. I even went and checked a Toastmasters meeting. And I finally brought into my consciousness why I actually left them.

On the other hand, I have a small feeling it is creating a similar pressure in my sister to actually read and reply. Which is a bit not good.

It is this pressure that makes this method work for people. Nobody wants to tell their family and friends that they had eaten that chocolate, had no socialization or masturbated again. Or whatever habit are you trying to either break or install. It is highly effective, as far as the methods go.

On the other hand, this pressure with produce stress. Stress will not end, until the new way becomes the new normal, and it is no longer stressful to do it. I don't think anybody would mind reporting if they are still breathing. Assuming the actions do become natural. Otherwise this will turn into the ever lasting stress, that will slowly kill you.

And the effect that this would have on the relationship with this person in hard to predict.

I would say, that as a short-term technique, this is a good way to help install habits, but I would not use it long term.