The Constant Attention

What is your intention focused on right now? I recently started the class on the first person research, and we spend a lot of time going over our our experience. For example, my problem solving most of the time is either asking myself questions in the inner voice or placing verbal words into space.

Because of that, I have became more aware of where my attention is focused on. And is it a sad thing that most of my attention is spend on the inner voice. I have commentary on the random concepts or ideas, I am arguing with myself, I am analysing my own thinking and actions and so on.

I wonder is this is why I found walks making up some story so relaxing. My inner voice had something simple, but interesting to do.

I then talked to a guy at my class, who has the introverted intuition (Ni) for the dominant function. He was saying that he just observes what is going on all the time, without evaluating it.

I wonder if this has something to do with the differences in Jung's functions. My dominant function, which is introverted thinking (Ti) is concerned with building theories, regardless of the outside data. And this is why my inner voice is doing. It tries to build the theories, but even I am aware, that at this stage they are most likely not a good way to explain the world.

I will be the first one to admit, that I still don't understand the introverted intuition (Ni), but from what I understood from conversations to the Jung's writings, introverted intuition is a constant sensation of the inner world. It is like they are constantly aware of the experience they are having. Which is quite similar to what he said it is happening to him when experiencing.

So I started to wonder if other functions are the same way. I have a little understanding of the mentality of the extraverted feeling (Fe), even if I lack their tools. People with extraverted feeling evaluated the meaning of everything based on the group's opinion. Their attention goes to being constantly aware of how the actions are going to be perceived.

While the extraverted intuition (Ne) is more concerned with new possibilities of already existing objects. So the mentality of the extroverted type is similar to the brainstorming sensing going well. There are just constantly new ideas, which leads to new ideas, which leads to new ideas,...

The others would be just conjunction, but extroverted thinking type (Te) could potentially keep their attention on the data and rules, introverted feeling (Fi) on their feelings (not emotions!)? values?, introverted sensing (Si) on the impressions that it is getting, and extraverted sensing (Se) on the outside world perception.

Makes me wonder how much this changes the perception of the world...