Where do we get Our Energy?

As soon as people get over the definition of extraversion and introversion as function of socialization and being recluse, they came to the definition of the it as a way the energy move. The introverts get their energy when they are alone and the extraverts get their energy when they are with people.

Looking over my own experience, I believe that the reality is just a tiny bit more complicated. Not every type of extraverted activity is tiring me in the same way, just like not every type of introverted activity is not recharging me on the same way. Actually they are some types of extraverted activities that recharge me and some introverted activities that do no not.

What I like to do for relaxation is programming, cooking and reading. The situations that take the most energy out of me are socializing, or even any kind of dealing with people, adrenaline sports and dealing with bureaucracy.

For me programming is a Ti-Ne type of activity. I analyze the problem with Ti, and then use Ne to try different solutions until one works. Then Ti comes into play again and tries to find something even more elegant. Though maybe I should sometimes test if that solution is actually more efficient, but I just never do it.

Cooking is a Si-Ne-Ti activity. I believe that for most people cooking would have some sort of Se element in it, but it does not in me. First, I am hardly that interested in the taste. I first look at what I have in the pantry, in order to optimize my ingredient usage (Ti). Then I look over my collected knowledge about cooking, wither through my own experience, experience others, something that I have seen on the television or one of the recipes that I collect (Si). I almost never do the recipe the same way, and I always try to find new variation to try (Ne). On the end I try to optimize the usage of the utilities, since I don't like cooking (Ti).

Reading is mostly Si-Ti activity. I have been reading since I was around 4 years old. At least my mother claims that. Reading is what got me through school, indulging the isolation that I experienced, when a student for the other class decided that I raped them. I was ten. For me reading had become like a blanket of content. So sort of like a Nexus (Si). I also use like reading no-fiction, sci-fi and detective stories, where I always can try and make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit (Ti).

On the other hand, socializing for me is clearly a Fe activity. Even if a lot of times I try to engage other functions more. Socializing is all about respecting other people personal space and limitations, making sure there are not any social paux-de-fux (Fe). Not only that, these rules are complicated and sometimes have no logical basis or they are situation specific. I know I have to make sure that the ratio of [\frac{other}{people}]

have to be as high as possible.

The next one is adrenaline sports, which for me is mostly Se experience. I am scared to go on anything in the amusement parks, because I am scared to death for my own life. I also don't want to jump with the parachute or any other similar types of sports. I just find the physical experience, where I have no control disturbing.

The last one is bureaucracy. Bureaucracy for me is a Te-Si type of activity. Everything is done as it was always done (Si), according to the system that was probably at one time efficient (Te). I have to admit, I am looking over it, and they are becoming more efficient each year. It just takes a lot of time.

Let us take a stack of it. The functions that can potentially recharge me are Ti, Ne, Si. Functions that take the energy away from me are Fe, Se, Te, Si. With that, Fe function is the one that takes the most energy away from me, while the Se function is just something I avoid.

I am an INTP, so for me Ti and Ne functions are my strongest functions, so it makes sense that they are recharging me. They are like a well cared for tool that a person is proficient in using. It is probably equivalent to breathing air.

Beebe had written somewhere that third or eternal child function has the sinus like quality to it. In some situations it is competent, but in the others using it is like pulling teeth. Which probably explains the oddity of my Si, which for me is my third function. Sometimes it recharges me, and sometimes it does not.

Half of the functions that I have noticed that they take energy away from me are shadow functions. Either we can take the explanation that we don't actually use them. In which case they would be like the tool that was never used before. We would not be proficient in using it. Or that they are not differentiated, and are part of the unconscious. In which case it would be like dragging a tool, that was used before, but it is cover is rust. None of which is going to bring the good results.

But the one that tires me the most is my anima or forth function. For me, as an INTP, that is Fe. Beebe said, that this is the function that we inspire after our whole life. Which, if I understood correctly, we can never reach. The other reason, for me more likely, is that it is the opposite of the dominant function. It would be like person used to using black, suddenly being forced to use white. It would confuse a person and there would be none of the proficiency there.

So what is the conclusion. I believe that the functions most likely to recharge us are the dominant and auxiliary functions. The one that takes the most energy away from us is the firth function. And the rest are somewhere in between.