Why Introverted Judging Types (Ti, Fi) are having a Harder Time at School?

When I am thinking back on the first couple of years of my schooling, most of my memories consist of my breaking the rules. It was not that I was not a model student, in some teachers eyes I was, but I never went along with something if it did not make sense to me.

I remember a good example from my third year. I was having a discussing with the after school teacher about magical words. She was trying to make a point by making me use the magic words. I honestly though she expected me to say abracadabra or alahamora. She then asked a friend of mine to show my the board with ‘magic words’ like thank you, please and so on. I then went to the teacher and told her that these are phrases of politeness. I was banned to stay on the school grounds after the classes were over.

I think this is a great example to show the difference between the introverted judging and extroverted judging types. Introverted judging types want the world to make sense, either by inner standards of a person (Ti) or their moral judgments (Fi). On the other hand, the extroverted types want the world to work correctly, either that be as efficiently as possible (Te) or by making sure the people are able to work together without any conflict (Fe).

When looking at the school, at least to me it is clear, that it is a mostly an environment having values of an extroverted judging type. Everything works according to the rules that enable to school to educate the most number of people with the least number of resources. I once talked to a Te auxiliary type and he pointed out, that it would be hard to get the same level of education with same or less resources any other way.

There is also an emphasis on classmates getting along together. I still remember my first year in high school, when a teacher recommended me that I should go and see a psychologist. The reason? After three months I still did not remember names of most of my classmates. So she asked around and found out that I am not really spending any time with them.

But let us look at these same values through the introverted judging lenses. Let us first come with the main goal of the education. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but before talking about the resources I would like to have a conversation about what is the point of our current education.

Sometimes I have a feeling, that there are at least 4 years of schooling that are redundant (at least where I live). When I compare the last 3 years of primary school, and the high school that I attended, I don’t see a lot of difference in the subject thought. The history, geography, physics and biology only gets repeated in high school. It is only maths and languages that get to a more advance levels. And there is an additional subjects of psychology, sociology and philosophy. For which I don’t believe we need 4 years.

Considering the upper evidence, I don’t believe that the point of the school was to give us knowledge. Considering how the current school system is run, I also don’t believe that they are teaching us how to survive in the adult world, help us pick what we are interested in or help us explore the world.

Sure, high school could be a glorified nanny institution, but if it is, then there is a lot of brainwashing going around. After all, not even parents believe that it is a nanny institution. In some cases the parents might even allow children to be at home alone, if not for fear that they will unable to attend university. Which is partly true, as people with unfinished or not state approved high school have to wait until they are 21 years old to write an exams that are the condition for acceptance in university for residents of the country.

Also, if it is a nanny service, I am sure that could be achieved with less resources.

Let us no turn to the social part of it. When looking at the class, it is actually the groups of around 30 pupils that were chosen to be together either randomly or based on some superficial criteria, like depending on which language did they choose.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel comfortable in the world where who we are friends with would be chosen based on the lottery. But the decision of who students sitting in the same class in sometimes, if not most times, similar the the upper example. If you feel comfortable with that, then I have to ask for the advice how. I could not do it.

Sure, some then say that when adults, we don’t get to pick our co-workers and clients. Maybe because both of my parents are entrepreneurs, but I learned quickly that we always have a choice about it. Sometimes it comes with bad consequences, but each person can judge for themselves if it is worth it.

It is the class of these values that makes the introverted judging types a lot harder to accept the education system. For them, sliding inside the system and let it be assimilated is not an options, even if sometimes it seems like that school wants us to become like the Borg. But we can be like Data, maybe tempted for a second, working within them as much as it suited him, but on the end ultimately of its own mind. Beside changing the school system, it seems to be the most logical option left.

Just don’t let the Borg’s, sorry the education system’s collective mind defeat your spirit.