Was Starfleet trying to kill him!? [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Puri was quite excited about what was coming next. The ushered his class in the next ward. The groups of medical students stopped in front of the unconscious humanoid with half white skin on one half of the body and half black skin on the other half.

"You next job is to diagnose this patient." Puri nodded toward the black-and-white humanoid.

The andorian woman raised her hand. "What type of humanoid is this?"

"In space, a lot of times you are going to be faced with unknown humanoid. I believe that none of you had the chance to try and study this one." Puri said, as he moved toward the wall. "Think of it as a test run for similar situations in the future."

Some of the students were looking lost. But some of them came closer, starting to check over the vital signs on the diagnostic table. One orion woman even tried smelling the patient, and Puri let out a smile and a small chuckle.

He then looked at the only student that was still standing at the doorway. He noticed that the cadet was looking at him. Puri was trying to remember his name. "Is there something the matter, cadet..."

"Doctor McCoy." the cadet answered.

Puri looked over his cadet uniform with an raised eyebrow. "I see." He looked at his back at the face. "Then why..."

"Professor Puri?" asked a human brown head.

Puri turned to her. "What is it?"

The cadet was jumping up and down on her feet. "Is it the toxicity of the liver, sir?"

Puri wanted to answer, when he heard a snort next to him. He looked up and saw cadet McCoy looking at he patient. Puri could hear him muttering. "They don't even have a liver."

The girl cadet also seems to heard him, and he looked at the Puri. He shook his head. "If toxicity would be a problem, it would show on the toxin panel."

The girl deflated, as she joined the rest of the classmates, that were still trying to figure out what is wrong whit him.

Puri noticed that McCoy was now looking at one of the smaller PADD. They were connected to the main monitor, so all the information wan available to him. Most doctors that Puri knew preferred the table simply because all information were available with just one look.

He saw most of the students discussing different hypothesis. The hypothesis. that they came up with were ranging from insightful to downright humorous. But none of them were new. All of them had been though up before by the best doctors in Starfleet and they could still not figure out what is wrong with the patient in front of them.

There was a protest heard among one group of students. The alarm start beeping. Puri looked around and saw that McCoy disconnected the IV from the patient's hand. He came closer.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked, when he came closer.

McCoy did not even bother to turn to him, and he was checking the pupils reaction. "I am saving your patient."

"Look, I have no idea what do you think you are..."

McCoy now turned to Puri. "You are apparently incompetent! Tell me, was Starfleet trying to kill him!?" He turned back now, checking the pulse. "Somebody bring my 1mg of coritine and 2mg of adrenaline."

Most of the students looked around, but a male vulcan walked to the cabinet and retrieved the asked chemical.

McCoy was palpating the body of the patient. He then turned to a vulcan, that had already the hyposprays prepared. "Put the adrenaline at the same place vulcans have livers, and coritine to the neck artery." he said.

Puri stepped back. This could prove to be interesting. He looked as both hyposprays were applied to the intended places. He then watched, as the blood pressure and hearth beats started to lower, until they eventually stabilized. These vital would have killed most of the federation species, but Puri could see the tension leeching away from the patient.

McCoy was starring at the vitals for some time, and they he check the pupils again. He let his body relax. He looked at the vulcan that helped him. "Thank you."

"It is only logical for a healer to try and do what is necessary." The vulcan said. "May I ask what was wrong with the patient?"

McCoy stared for a second, then started to shake him head. "Calcium. Their body has no way to metabolize or use it. For them it is poison."

"As the normal brands of IV have magnesium in it, it was slowly poisoning him." he said, as he nodded to himself.

"How did you know that they can not metabolize the calcium?" Puri asked.

Puri was looking at the McCoy, so he noticed the that the question took him by surprise. McCoy looked around the rest of them. "I must have read it somewhere."

Puri continued to look at him, but McCoy was not forthcoming with the details. "I don't think so."

McCoy shrugged. "I maybe I heard something. I don't know."

Puri allowed a silence to stretch for a couple of seconds. "The only problem with this is, that so far federation has only one record of meeting this race."

McCoy looked at the patient. "The balance was all wrong. Biology between humanoid might be different, but the physics is not. The electrical instability could mean the electrolyte imbalance. Their bones are made from magnesium and iron mixture, without calcium, unlike most of the humanoid life forms. Also, in past data one could see calcium building in the blood."

Puri took his our PADD. How could they not notice that before? But everything was just as cadet McCoy said. Which provides a new problem. Who is cadet McCoy.

"You are right." said Puri, as he smiled. "I want all of you to study the vitals of this patient and try to find out for yourself all the different ways you could have figured this case out. The class is dismissed."

Puri looked as students downloaded the data and started to move our of the room. Cadet McCoy was looking at him for a couple of seconds, and then started to follow the example of his classmates.

Puri looked at the PADD, his personal one, and noticed that Pike was asking him if he wants to eat lunch with him. Puri remembered that Pike was the one that recruited McCoy, so maybe he is going to have some more answers.