Should you decide to take my offer [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Scott was working on replicator. After the day that he had he wanted to relax a little. And this old machine that used to be used for making waffles, was kept for just an occasion like that.

He was working on trying to adapt the energy from the phaser battery to the alternating current. The job was made a little harder, as alternating current was unforgiving to the most modern day instruments, but that just made it more of a sweet challenge.

One of tries had friend a couple of wires, and he pushed the small amount of black smoke away from his face. That is when he noticed a Vulcan standing on the doorway of the room. He also noticed the commander insignia on his shoulders.

“Can I help you, sir?” Scott asked. These rooms were the property of academy, so anybody could use them. But usually only engineering folks came here, and he was not engineering.

“You are Montgomery Scott.” the Vulcan said.

“The one and only.” Scott said, as waited for the Vulcan to actually say something that will make his presence here explainable.

“My name is Spock.” The Vulcan said. “I came here because I have overheard the argument during the graduate lecture of the relativistic physics.”

“Look, mate.” Scott said, as he waived his tricorder around. “If you came here to tell me that it is impossible, you already got beat by quite a lot of faculty.”

The Vulcan, Spock or whatever, was now looking at him. Scott started back as he wanted to know if he is really going to get another copy of a lecture.

“You don’t believe that.” Spock said.

“Doesn’t matter what I believe in.” Scott said, as he now turned back to his machine. Maybe he should try a lower freqency for a current. “Federation needs proof to believe something, and so far there is none. No there is every going to by any if they have something to say about it.”

“That would be illogical.” said Spock.

Scott did not even bother to glance in his direction, but instead gave most of his attention to the machine in front if him.

“What if I told you that it is possible to beam to the ship while at warp, or that a person could beam from Earth to Kronos.”

Scott looked at him. “Look, mate.” He said. “If that would have been possible, I would have heard about it.”

“Maybe the equation simply has not been discovered yet.” said Spock.

Scott was no looking at Spock, and he put the tools of his trade down. “Let me get this straight. Are you calming you are from the future?”

“I am not claiming that.” said Spock.

“But it is true?” asked Scott.

Spock decided to refrain from giving an answer.

Scott now leaned forward and gave Spock his undivided attention. “Alright, I will bite. Why are you here?”

“I would like to request your help in adapting the transwarp equation, so it will work with the dispersed field as well.”

“Look here.” Scott said. “Transwarp beaming is like an archer is the moving train, shooting at the bird flying outside in the opposite direction. Just getting a specific object for pad-to-pad beaming is hard.” He then lean backward. “Not to mention that I don’t know the equation for a transwarp beaming.”

“You invented it.” Spock said, like that would explain everything. “So technically I am not breaking the temporal prime directive by showing it to you. Should you choose to help me.”

Spock took a piece of paper and wrote a couple of words on it. He gave it to Scott, who read the rank, name, room number and a PADD address on it. He looked at him in question.

“Should you decide to take my offer.” Spock said, as he turned and left the room.

Scott looked after him, then shrugged, pocketed the paper and returned to his waffle machine. But while he was working he was thinking about his unfinished transwarp equation. How could it work?