Do you have to take everything I said as lewd? [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Uhura looked around the classroom. She was early, so the lecture hall was still half empty. Most people were either looking at their PADDs or talking with their neighbour.

Then the familiar face caught her attention. She narrowed her eyes, as he made her way to the blond-head sitting in one of the middle rows. He was typing something on his PADD.

"What do you think you are doing here?" Uhura asked.

Jim looked up, as he smiled. "Uhura, fancy meeting you here." He swiped down his PADD, closing whatever he was doing here.

Uhura glared at him, but otherwise did not move.

"Can a guy just take an easy class for a change?" Jim looked at her PADD with a pointed look.

Uhura took the PADD, and opened the enrolled students list. She looked over it, and there is really was, James Tiberius Kirk. She looked him up and down. "Easy class, for a science student?"

"You forgot my command classes." Jim said, pretending to be hurt by her declarations. "Plus, I heard that the assistant here has a great aural sensitivity."

That earned his a smack to he head with Uhura's PADD. Jim grabbed his head, and looked at her, glaring, but there was no heat in it.

Uhura titled her head and pointedly looked at him.

Jim rolled his eyes. "Do you have to take everything I said as lewd?"

The teacher came to the class. Uhura smirked. "Your words not mine." She then turned around and made here way to the front of the class.

The class started 10 minutes latter. The teacher first explained the structure of the class. It was a module, so it will not take the whole semester, but the classes will be held every day for three hours in the morning.

After the administration part of the class were finished, the teacher wanted them to each introduce themselves in Klingon. Which would have been easier he would have said it in standard and not in Klingon.

Uhura looked at faces of students. Most of them were looking disbelieving, or in some cases panicking. But there were five exceptions. Jim Kirk actually looked relaxed. Another male sitting on the other side of the room was looking at Kirk. Kirk nodded back at him and the person grinned. Then there was a blond haired nurse that looked excited. There was also a Tellarite that leaned forward, looking ready for anything and an Orion woman that was sitting back, looking at the teacher and twirling a pen in her hand.

The Tellarite one, named Gal talked with no pauses, but his grammar could use work. Next was Christine Chapel, the blond nurse, who was better. Miran, the Orion was quite fluent, and so far she was the only xenolinguist introduced.

The next was a male, that was grinning at Kirk. His name was Gary Mitchel and he managed to introduce himself in perfect Klingon. But when he was asked additional questions, he looked a little confused. He glanced at Kirk, and Uhura followed his look, seeing that Kirk was waiving something to Gary. But it did not help him.

Uhura was surprised that Kirk did not volunteer next. But there were a couple of other people that started to. Some, mostly command, security, pilots and tactical people pointed at themselves and said their name. Most science, medical, engineering and xenolinguists started to flip through their books to try and string together a couple of sentence.

On the end Kirk was the only one left that did not introduce himself. Uhura stared as he introduce himself in the perfect Klingon. Not only that, he had no problem with the questions that were thrown his way.

The professor divided them in the groups of six, and Uhura was in charge of one of the middle group. She could see Kirk listening and paying attention to the assistant responsible for his group.

The class ended and she was excused, so she walked to the Kirk, who had Gary Mitchel as a company.

Before she could announce herself, Gary turned around as looked at her. Then he grinned at Kirk. "Good luck with that one. You will need it."

Kirk rolled his eyes. "You need to keep practising, if that is the best you can do."

Gary grabbed Kirk's shoulder, and walked toward the mess hall. Kirk turned to Uhura, waiting in expectation.

"Where did you learn to speak Klingon?" Uhura asked.

"I had a friend who was giving me lessons in our free time." He shrugged. "But I am far from fluent."

"Let me guess, you slept with her and she will no longer help you?" Uhura asked.

Kirk looked at her in surprise and disbelief. "No! That would be..." he let his voice trail, like looking for a right word. "Em... She had a really strong boyfriend?"

Uhura noticed the question mark on the end. But she had a feeling that she is not going to get an answer from Kirk today. "Don't think I will let you slack off in class." she said, as she made here was to her dorms.

But she still heard Kirk say: "I wouldn't dream about it."