Apple Strudel

So, what does a person do, when they figure out that in the back of the freezer, there is some sort of the strudel dough? At least I assume it was, because frankly, there was no label or words or anything written on it.

Then, we also have apple tree at home, and now it is the time for apples. But some of the ones that fall on the ground are either too sour or they had already started to rot. It does not feel nice eating an apple, and at the same time seeing the rotten parts of it. On the other hand, the healthy parts are still tasty.

And I was in luck that my mother had requested sour cream and cream for whipping, so I had a lot of margin of error. Dessert have to be really go for the whipping cream to not improve it, and here I was more afraid that it is going to be special in a different direction - like completely uneatable.


  • strudel dough
  • apple
  • sour cream
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • cream for whipping


  • Put the strudel dough outside to thaw
  • Grate apples
  • Mix apples with sour cream, sugar and cinnamon
  • Put the mixture on one part of the strudel dough and roll
  • Wipe the cream for whipping (I needed around 5 minutes)
  • Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C
  • Serve peace of it topped with whipped cream


  • Some recipes recommend the lemon. I did not put it in, because I like my my sweets to be actually sweet. But if you want to add less sugar, and for it to still be tasty, then I think that lemon can help, as it makes the taste of the whole dish more spring-like
  • When I put the strudel dough outside, I immediately tried to pry the sheets apart, but they broke. It was a lot easier and more successful, when I tried it after it completely thawed