Pike's Confusion [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Pike pinched the top of his nose, as he continued wondering what did he do do deserve this. Jim, he could handle. Even that doctor that he was constantly pestering should not be that much of a problem. But since was Spock, the Vulcan, willing to help them in their shenanigans?

Spock was looking at Pike with a his normal expression. His hands were at the back, his posture straight, but not rigid.

Pike signed, as he leaned forward. "Mind explaining what happened?"

Spock seems to be thinking for a moment. "Nothing you should concern yourself with, captain."

Pike tried to glare at it, but after all this time he was too tired to pull it off. "Let me see... What about the biggest fight that happened in the academy in over hundred years? How they called me that apparently there are cadets that are trying to kill Jim Kirk? Or should we rather we talk about how all of them either ended up with extremely rare medical condition or unexplained fear of Vulcans, commander?"

Spock blinked, as it seemd like he was thinking over his response. "I am sure that it will not be repeated again."

"Which part?" Pike asked, now really tired. They were about to lose a couple dozen students and his future first officer does not even want to explain what the hell is going on.

"All of it." Spock said.

Pike leaned back and waived his away. "You are dismissed commander." he said. He then watched Spock walk away.

He sat back in the chair for 10 more minutes, then decided that he could check up on Jim. He made his way into the Starfleet Medical. When he came to the right floor, he noticed that doctor, that Jim always hangs around, outside his room.

But the one thing that surprises him is that the doctor is glaring at him. It took him a couple of seconds more to realize that he was being assessed as the potential threat. He could not understand why. He nodded to the doctor, deciding to go inside.

"Jim is having a visitor right now." the doctor said, as he started to look back at the other people that were passing his room.

"Pardon?" Pike asked.

"He is already having a visitor, so you will need to come back later." Leonard said, as he turned to him.

Pike could feel the annoyance at the whole situation starting to get the better of him. "As Kirk's adviser, I think you don't have the right to stop me, cadet."

"Doctor." he corrected. "And as Jim's primary physician, I do."

Pike took a double take. Since when is Kirk actually willing to have a physician? Because just a month ago it seemed like simply getting him a basic check-up was something he spend way too much time arguing about.

Something like that has to show on his face, as McCoy shook his head. "Look, Jim hasn't even woken up yet, so there is no reason for you to be here."

Pike straightened up. "I am still going to see him." he said, as he tried to make his way into Kirk's room. But before he reached the door, he felt a hypo in his neck. He turned around and looked at McCoy, who had a apologizing face.

"What have you given me?" Pike said, as he felt his body become weaker.

But McCoy ignored him, calling a nurse from the station and Pike could feel himself being dragged to the room.

When Pike woke up afterwards, there was still light outside. He looked at the left, where he saw his friend Puri reading something on the PADD. Puri looked up.

"You woke up." he said with a smile.

Pike was feeling featherweight and it took his a couple of moment to remember how he ended up in the hospital. He sat up, or at least tired to, but was stopped by Puri's hand pushing his back on the bed.

"Your tests showed that you are running on your fumes." Puri said, shaking his head. "So admiralty gave you 3 days of forced leave."

"Exostion?" Pike said. "But I was drugged."

Puri sighed. "Let me guess, by doctor McCoy, right?"

Pike started at Puri. "How..." he asked.

"How did I know?" Puri paused for Pike to nod his head. "I suspected when doctor McCoy called that you collapsed from exsostion. I was certain, when there was no proof that it was anything else."

"You think there is something strange about him?" Pike asked.

Puri laughed. "Strange?" He looked out of the window. "Chris, between us... McCoy is the currently the best doctor that the fleet has." Puri raised his hand to stop Pike from asking questions. "And I don't mean just a surgeon. That guy has xenoanatomy knowledge that no other doctor here had."

"But he had no training." Pike said. McCoy was a bloody good trauma surgeon, but there was no indication that he had any kind of practice with aliens. That is why he had to go through 3 years of study.

"Exactly." Puri said. "But not something he is willing to discuss. Believe me, I asked."

Puri then turned back to him. "I managed to convince them to release you when you wake up, but only under the condition that you stay under my care."

Pike groaned, but deep inside he was glad that he is not going to have to stay in the hospital longer than necessary.