How Extraverted Intuition Deals With Repetitive Tasks

Looking at my family, I have an interesting hypothesis: it is the extraverted perceiving function, that makes a person basically hate the tedious and repetitive tasks. But while people with extraverted sensing tend eventually to buckle up and eventually do it, it is us, with extraverted intuition, that are serial procrastinators and really need a good system to deal with them.

I (with aux Ne) know that I find most repetitive tasks annoying. Why make a bed, when it is going to be messy in less than 24 hours? Or why do we need to deal with these 7 year old paperwork? Because of the law? Yeah, let's instead find a easier way to do it.

Mother (with dom Ne) is even worse. Let me tell you, she procrastinates on the repetitive tasks, like the travel forms (which we need to file for tax purposes), for months. She is always having non-up-to-date inventory and her financial records are never up to date.

On the other hand, she is always eager to start some new ideas, like the new marketing campaign, the new alliance with some other firm or what we already consider her main hobby: finding ways to improve the other people's businesses.

Which is different than my sister (dom Se) and father (aux Se), who complain about it. But even though they sometimes they don't do it immediately, it is always done on time. Or foe even bigger distinction, my sister's boyfriend (dom Si), who I have never see complain about any of this.

So I have spent some time dealing with this problem. I basically have three strategies in how I am dealing with this: one is to embrace my dominant function (Ti), and one is to make the task more interesting my involving my auxiliary functions (Ne). Yes, while the latter is actually the culprit in this case, it is also by embracing it, that I can make some of these tasks more interesting.

The third one can only work if the work is mindless. It is basically to put a couple of episodes of Star Trek on my computer and watch it while I am working. Just too bad that this one doesn't work for all tedious work. If I don't happen to have my computer with me, than thinking about something completely unrelated also helps.

At least my introverted thinking is usually very annoyed when things don't make sense. Plus, it is also the part of me, that is constantly monitoring my performance and gives comments in which parts is my performance still deficient. Both of these are really useful when trying to go through tedious tasks. Let me give you some examples.

One of the tedious tasks that needs to be done on the regular basis is washing the dishes. I mean, if the dishes are not washed, eventually the ability to cook and eat food will be drastically decreased. So I invented (or reinvented, I am sure that somebody has already came up with it) the skill called mid-cooking washing. Basically, while cooking I am already making sure that I am washing the dishes in the mean time, and by the time I start eating, only my plate and eating utilities are dirty.

One other example would be data entry that I do for my family business. In that case, I am trying to beat myself, as I try and come up with the quicker way to type something. I am constantly trying to beat myself.

The other way of how I am dealing with it is by embarrassing my extroverted intuition. There are a lot of interesting possibilities in even the most tedious work, like cleaning the flat, shopping, or simply reviewing the material for graduate school.

For example,w hen I am going grocery shopping, I am constantly trying to think about what each person eats, what we still have at home and how can each food item that I buy incorporate in the following structure.

I do sometimes wish I had a better developed introverted sensation, as they say that this is a function that thrives on moving forward and repetition. My life could be a lot easier with it. But until I manage to find a way to do it, I am simply going to have to rely on my introverted thinking and extraverted intuition.