Just Bit Me Already [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Jim had entered the CMO office. He stood there, just inside the doorway, as he looked at Leonard crouched body nested in front of his desk. He knew that Leonard already knows that he is there, but for some reason is not acknowledging him.

He stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind him. Only Leonard's and his override would be able to open the door now, though they could still engage the audio system to send them messages.

Jim came closer and put the hand on Leonard's arm. He could feel the already tensed body of Leonard tense even more. The body felt hard like stone, but with the stored energy of the fedder.

"Don't." said Leonard. But there was no additional movement in his body.

"Bones, look at me." said Jim, as he tried to guide Leonard's body toward him, but he was unmovable. "Bones, please."

Jim waited some more, hoping for any kind of reaction. But there was none, as Jim sighed. "We are all alive. Stop worrying."

There was a pause for close to half a minute, before Leonard spoke: "That is no what I am worried about."

Jim titled his head. He removed his arm and he took a sit on the table next to Leonard's body. "Talk to me, Bones."

"Jim..." started Leonard. His voice, before still calm, took somehow more high picked tone to it.

Jim stood there, all patient. He wanted to do something, anything, to get Leonard moving. But he knew from experience that in most cases Leonard needed the time come to his decision and start moving in that direction.

"Jim, please, just leave me, please." Leonard said, his voice still having this high pitched quality to it.

"Bones, let me help." Jim said, as he leaned forward, trying to see how Leonard's face look like.

But this was a mistake. As soon as Jim's face came closer, Leonard's arm moved with unprecedented speed, and pulled him closer to his face.

But the next moment, Jim was falling forward, caching himself. He looked up and saw Leonard on the opposite corner. His pupils were wide and his arms were shaking. His eyes were changed, colder, harder. His teeth were longer, biting on his lower lip.

Jim blinked. He had never seen Leonard like that before. He stood up, but then he stopped as Leonard started to shake his head.

"Don't come closer!"

Jim stopped, but then he took a deep breath and came closer. He could see Leonard closing his eyes, keeping them shut, when he came closer. Like he did not want to see Jim there right now.

Jim knelled in front of him, as he took in the whole appearance. Not only Leonard's face, but Leonard's wounds and the blood of both him and Spock that was still on his clothes.

Jim put one hand in the back of Leonard's head, his fingers gently grabbing Leonard's hair. He then leaned forward and pecked Leonard's nose.

Leonard opened his eyes wide. He instinctively tried to move back, but that only brought Jim closer to his body.

Jim smiled. "It is fine." He moved his head on the side, giving Leonard good access to his neck. "Take what you need."

Leonard was like a statue. There was not even any indication that there was breathing, even though Jim knew that unlike the legends, they do breath most of the time. It was like a tense wire, about to snap.

The next time Jim was aware of was that we was pushed on the floor, and Leonard stood up, unlocking the lock with superhuman speed and running away from the room.

Jim brought himself up. That went well. He sat up, waiting a minute or two.

"Computer, locate Leonard McCoy." he said to the air.

"Leonard McCoy is currently in his quarters." the voice of the computer said.

Jim stood up and exited the office for the main med-bay.

When he entered the main med-bay, he was stopped by M'Benga, who waived him closer. Jim contemplated ignoring him for a moment, but then he made his way to him. They are also part of the family, even if not the one he really wanted to see right now.

"Is Leonard alright?" asked M'Benga, as he indicated at the med-bay. doors.

Jim though about for a second then shrugged. "Down there..., it was bad." was what he offered. "I am sure he is just shaken up."

"Shaken up enough to forget about the post-mission check up?" M'Benga asked. "Even after he looks like that?"

"I am sure most of it was not his." said, Jim as he glanced toward the doors.

M'Benga's eyes were piercing, but then he turned around. "Go. Obviously you are also worried about him."

Jim looked at him in surprise, and then made his way to the Leonard's quarters.

But when he wanted to enter them, normal code, or even his captain override were not working. Jim looked at it in confusion. Leonard was in there, so why isn't he letting him in.

He knocked on the doors. "Bones? Open the door."

He waited, but there was no response. "Bones? I know that you are in there. Stop hiding already."

Still no response, so he straightened. "Doctor McCoy, open the door right now!"


Jim stopped, not knowing if he really heard that or just imagined it. He tired to calm down. "You know that if you don't, I am just going to hack them."

"Jim, just..." the Leonard's voice wavered. "Don't."

Jim was really tempted to just hack the doors open, but then he simply sat down, his back to the doors. "You are not really going to make me wait in the hallway?"

Now that we was listening carefully, he could hear the shuffling on the other side of the door. It looked like, just like Jim, Leonard was sitting on the other side of the door.

"M'Benga was worried about you. Said you ignored the post-mission check up." Jim looked to the door. "Not that I blame you."

There was silence on the other side, but he knew that Leonard was listening.

"I thought you needed human blood to heal." said Jim, when he let the head fall back.

Jim could hear some rustling. "You are not going to give up, will you?" said Leonard, but his voice was defeated. "It helps." He eventually offered.

Jim figured out that there is something more to is, but he could not figured out what. "What are you so worried about then? Just take some. I offered."

Leonard signed. "You are my family, Jim."

"And I consider you mine, Bones." Jim said. "So. Let. Me. Help. You."

Leonard was quiet for a moment, but Jim knew that he was just gathering his thought. "I can't because you are my family."

Jim blinked. "You are going to have to expand on that."

"Family is..." Leonard stopped. "You are... Jim, you can't consent to something that you don't know."

"That's hypocritical. You never cared when it came to other people." said Jim.

"They were all drugged! They never remembered!" said Leonard with a voice stronger than before, when it fall into quiet one for the last confession. "They didn't matter."

Jim decided that enough is enough and he started to hack into the panel. He knew that Leonard could hear what he was doing, but he really did not want to have this conversation without visual cues.

It took a couple of minutes, but eventually the doors opened and Jim managed to came inside. He let the doors close behind him. Leonard was no longer at the door, but that was to be expected. He made his way to the main room, noticing Leonard sitting on the bed.

Deciding that he did not want to spook him, he sat down on the sofa. "If I suggest that you drug me as well, you are not going to take it well, will you?" asked Jim. His voice was playful, as to break the atmosphere between them, but his face was serious.

"Don't joke about this, Jim." said Leonard.

"I don't find this a joking matter, but apparently you do." said Jim, letting all the fake playfulness drop away. "I can't believe that you would rather get help from people that are trying to kill you than me." Jim's voice was cold with these last words.

Leonard looked up at Jim's face. "Jim, I... you..." he then shook his head.

Jim then came closer, and he sat next to Leonard, his hand slowly moving behind his back. "I trust you."

"That makes one of us." said Leonard.

Jim could feel the tension slowly leaking from Leonard's body. He let a small smile appear on his face. He knew that he already won, and he knew that Leonard also knew.

Leonard, looked up, but he was not looking at Jim. The starred there for a while, then he turned to Jim. "You sure about this?"

"Do you really need to ask?" asked Jim.

Leonard nodded, and then turned his body, so he was completely turned to Jim, and slowly guided his backwards on the bed.

Jim made himself conformable, as he smiled at Leonard. "Is this leading then to somewhere else?" he asked.

Leonard's hands above his body stilled. "No." said Leonard, as he knelled next to the bed, his head next to his arm. He slowly moved his finger up in down Jim's arm, right along the gap between radius and ulna. He watched Jim's face.

Jim was looking back at him, a question on his face, but otherwise he was relaxed. He figured that Leonard knows what he is doing. Leonard brought the arm closer to his mouths, but Jim's only smiled in encouragement.

When Leonard bit him, the first feeling that he felt was a hot pain, and he tensed and grimaced. The pain than turned to the throbbing, nothing that he could not handle. He felt himself relaxing, letting his head turn upwards and he closed his eyes.

It also felt safe, in a really weird way. It felt like home, but also like danger. Kind of like the Enterprise. He felt confusion. He looked deeper and found out that this feeling has emotions behind him: family, home, protectiveness, possessiveness. The last one gave him a pause. He did not feel possessive of anybody, right? The only one that showed any kind of possessiveness recently was...

He wanted to turn his head at Leonard, but he was too lightheaded and it made the whole room spin. He could start feeling the headache and the darkness started to descend on his eyes, when there was no more pressure on the arm, but he could feel hands on his face. He though that he could hear Leonard's voice, but before he could figure out what he wanted, he let the darkness take him.

Jim woke up quite rested. He blinked his eyes, then noticed that he has a IV hooked to his arm. He then looked at his other arm, and he saw the bandages that they were not there before. He smiled, as he remembered what happened.

"How are you feeling?" came the question from the other side of the room.

Jim sat up, careful of the IV, and looked at Leonard. "Quite rested." he said.

"Considering you finally slept eight hours for once, I am not surprised." Leonard said, as he rolled his eyes.

Jim pouted at him, and Leonard shook his head. Jim was just glad that at least it appeared that Leonard was in a better mood than when they came back from the mission. Still, the distance was too large for Jim's taste, so he tried to stand up.

Leonard was there in a blink, and he put the hand on Jim's chest, his face scowling. He had the tricorder in his other hand. "Can't you for once try and stay in bed?"

"Boring." Jim shrugged. “There are always planets to see, aliens to meet.”

Leonard was starring at the tricorder, his hands gripping it. “It seems that your vitals are normal. At least by your standards.”

“I resent that.” Jim said, but it was said in the playful manner.

Leonard rolled his eyes. He put the tricorder down. Usually by now he would be giving Jim hell for his decisions, but instead he was simply looking at different medical supplies.