I Didn't Run Away Because Of You [Star Trek Fanfcition]

Jim was flirting with one of the follow cadets, when Leonard noticed him. The man at the bar was staring at him. This would not be that unusual, as he was in the bar with Jim, but for one thing. Leonard recognized this person as one of Starfleet Intelligence. He turned back to Jim, who was glancing at him, while the green-head clearly just wanted Jim to go with her.

Bones raised his glass to Jim. "Have fun."

Jim did not seemed that certain, but he still allowed the green-hair to drag him away.

Leonard felt his body relaxing. He looked back at the Intelligence man, who was still looking at him. Leonard smirked, and he tipped his glass back, putting the last of the whiskey inside him. He than stood up and made his way to the bar. He waived the bartender over.

"Two sherries, one for me and one for the gentleman here." Leonard said, as he turned to the man, still watching his.

The waiter nodded, but none of the men say him. Leonard was the first one that broke the silence: "Leonard McCoy." he said, as he sat down to the stool next to the man.

"Limace Colzat." the man said.

The sherries were brought and the man took him, taking the sip from it. Leonard ignored his for now.

They were making small talk for a couple of minutes. Limace was just telling him about his fake job, when Leonard leaned forward and whispered: "I was hoping for something a little more exciting." Leonard looked at the direction Jim disappeared not ten minutes ago. "But maybe you were really interested in Jim."

Leonard admitted this man was not bad. If he was not looking for it, he would not have noticed how he tensed at his first comment and then relaxed at the second. It was seen in just the edge of the eyebrows, one of the parts that is more emotionally than cognitive controlled.

Leonard now took his sherry and took a sip from it. He did not want to show that it was too sweet for him. He was looking at the man.

Limace was thinking for a couple of seconds, then shrugged. "Why not? My apartment is around 5 minutes by foot."

Leonard smiled, as he stood up, letting the person indicate where to go.

They walked side-by-side to the alley close-by. Leonard didn't hear or smell anybody else close-by and he took the hypo into his hand, swiftly putting it in the Limace's neck. The man turned around, pushing something is his hand toward Leonard.

Leonard managed to diverted it from his chest, but he still ended up with the wooden stick in his stomach. And it hurt. He pushed the stick out.

Limace put the the other hand to his neck. He was leaning on the wall, barely holding up. "What did you shot me with?"

Leonard looked at him with the raised eyebrows. "Some muscle relaxant and something special that will make you forget this night." He then took another hypo. "And a painkiller." He pushed the contents of the hypo in the neck.

The man looked at him with wide eyes. "You really are one of them." He voice was quivering a little. His muscles were no longer able to support him, so he slid down the wall.

Leonard paid him no mind, as he crouched next to him, rummaging through his pockets. He checked his wallet, his communicator, but he spend the most time on his PADD.

It took him a couple of minutes, but he eventually left the wiped PADD there, the information safely somewhere else. He then grimaced, as he looked at the wound on his stomach. He looked Limace up and down and shrugged. He smelled horrible, but the need is a need.

Leonard felt his teeth changing, and he grabbed the person's hand, sinking his fangs into his arm. He grimaced at the taste, but continued drinking, as he could feel the blood slowly restoring his body.

He stopped, taking the aseptic from his medkit and cleaning the wound. He just put it back and tired to take the wrapping out, when he heard a person walking in this direction. Instead of it, he took the hypo, preparing to stab the person as soon as he came close. He really did not need any witnesses, when the familiar smell hit him.


Leonard's froze. There was just one person that smelled like that. Just one person that called him like that. The last person that we wanted to see here.

"Weren't you with that cadet?" Leonard asked, hoping that Jim is not coming any closer.

But he did not have this luck, as Jim came closer. "She just wanted to borrow my notes on the Interplanetary..." As Jim stopped talking, he also stopped walking.

Bones risked glancing to him, and he could see his eyes going from the bloody stick on the ground, to the barely conscious man, the wound on his arm, the blood on Leonard's face and the blood on his clothes.

Jim took a step back, as he looked wide-eyed at Leonard. "You are a vampire."

"Jim... this wasn’t how I wanted you to find out." Leonard said, as he turned around, looking at Jim.

There were steps in the viciancy, and the voice were coming closer, and both Jim and Leonard looked in that direction. Jim looked back at Leonard, his face was taunt. Then he run away from the alley.

Leonard complemented going after him for a second, but the he just sighed as turned back to the Limace. Going after Jim in the state he was right now could let he to do things he really did not want to force Jim into. He finished wrapping the wound, cleaned his face and anonymously called the Starfleet Medical from the public phone. No need to make their job easier, before moving back into his apartment.

Leonard was looking around the apartment, checking if there is anything left, that could implicate him in what he was. He turned around, as he heard the door open.

Jim was standing in the doorway. His hands, face and torso were stained with blood, some of it was Jim's and some of it wasn't. Jim tired to took a step forward, but his legs gave away from under him.

Leonard was there, catching him in his arms, and dragged him back into the room. He could felt Jim tense in his arms. It must be when he realized who was dragging him. He sat him on his bed, grateful that the smell of alcohol was strong enough to almost overpower the normal Jim's smell. At least his wound had time to heal, so resisting the hunger was easier.

Jim looked around, his eyes landing on the bag next to Leonard's bed. His eyes narrowed, and he looked at Leonard.

Leonard was putting the needed things for treatment from the medkit, and then he continued to stand there. He absentmindedly picked up the hypo and twilled it in his hands.

"A cleanup?" Jim asked from his bed.

At these words Leonard snapped out of it and looked at the hypo, and put it on the table. He then took a different hypo, but shook his head and put is back down. He took the sterilizator and regenerator and walked back to Jim.

Jim looked at him, still drunk, as Leonard first cleaned and healed the cuts and abrasions on his hands, then face and then torso. He then picked up the tricorder and checked if there was any other damage. He spend more time in the head area, checking for neurological damage, even if it was just a concussion.

"Why?" Jim asks in the middle of it, but Leonard decides to ignore the questions.

After he finished, he took of Jim's shoes and lay Jim on the bed. He made his way back to the table, aware of Jim's eyes on him the entire time. He looked at the offending hypo he left before, sighing and picking it up. He sat next to Jim, still having the hypo in his hand, but not doing anything with it.

Jim put his arm up. He missed once, but the second time he grabbed the hand holding the hypo. He put the hypo next to his neck. Leonard was sure he was trying to smirk, but seeing as he was drunk, the result was not satisfactory.

He looked at the hypo on the neck for a couple of seconds. He then shook his hand free and stood up. He put the covers around Jim, and walked to his part of the room. When he turned back, Jim was already sleeping.