When The Fire Burns [Gintama Fanfiction]

When Kotarou stopped with a face of full horror on his face, Shinsuke knew that something must have happened. He looked in the direction, seeing the fire in the distance.

He was not thinking. He did not noticed the pain in his legs, or the burn in his lungs, as he sprinted all the way to the school. He left the packages and Kotarou behind.

He came to the school, there were already people gathered there. They just seems to be standing there, whispering to each other.

"There does not seems to be any survivors."

Shinsuke froze. That can't be happening. Shouyou and Gintoki were...

"They were criminals. Otherwise the government would not punish them."

Shinsuke could feel the anger rising in his chest. He started to move through the crowd, for the first time happy that he is small, as he could move quicker.

He came to the front and wanted to run to the school, when a hand grabbed him and pulled him back. "It is dangerous."

"Let me go!" said Shinsuke.

"You will get hurt." said a man.

Shinsuke turned, and he glared at the man. "I am a student in this school, so let me through."

Before the person could react, he was already running to the school. There must have been still somebody there. There is no way that Shouyou would just die like that.

He noticed a shape on the ground, right next to the burning house. He run there, quickly recognizing that recognizable withe perm. He run there, noticing the rafter on his legs and his hands tied to his back.

He skidded there, seeing that Gintoki was still breading. There was a hit to his head, which is why he was most likely not moving.

He started to move the rafter, but it was heavy. He then felt the weight lowering a little. He looked and noticed Kotarou helping to move it from the other side.

They moved it, and Kotarou started to work on the bonds. It seems that Gintoki was in the good hands, so he continued looking.

Shouyou was nowhere to be found. He was not around the house, he run into the fire, checking every room, but there was no trace of any body at all, let alone of their teacher.

When he already checked everything, he got back. Kotarou had already moved Gintoki away, not letting him sleep on his lap. When Shinsuke came back, he noticed that he was looking at him in expectation.

Shinsuke just shook his head. There was nobody else. He noticed Kotarou looking down, playing with Gintoki's hair. But maybe Shouyou just left for something and he will be back in the flash. But then Shinsuke remembered the words from before, and he had to cling to hope to not let him slip through his fingers.

He sat down next to Kotarou, and leaned on him. It was only now, that he did not know what to do anymore, that he could start feeling the strain he put his body through. The leg muscles were complaining.

But he knew that he will not be able to fall asleep as long as his mind will worry like that.

Gintoki stirred and both of them looked at him. He grabbed his head, and his eyes were still glassy. "Teacher?"

"He is not here." Shinsuke said.

Gintoki quickly sat up, a panic in his eyes. The he looked around, and his whole body sagged.

"What happened?" Kotarou said.

Gintoki waited for a couple of seconds. "They took him."

Took him? So that means that Shouyou was still alive somewhere? Shinsuke could feel some of the tension drain from his body. If Shouyou was somewhere, then they could still save it. "Who took him?" he asked.

"I don't know." Gintoki said. "They were dressed like monks, and they talked like Shouyou betrayed heavens."

"So we just need to find them and save Shouyou." said Shinsuke. He stood up, not carrying that his body was screaming at him.

"You won't save anybody tired like that." Kotarou said. "And Gintoki still needs rest. It won't make a change if we go in the morning."

Gintoki looked away from both of them. "Ah." he said, his voice having no energy.

Shinsuke narrowed his eyes, but he let it go. It was most likely just the effect of the head wound.