Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 5: Does It Mean We Are... Alright? [Gintama Fanfiction]

"Can I come in?" asked Shinsuke.

Gintoki looked up from his Jump, and nodded, slowly sitting up, as he put the Jump on the side.

Shinsuke sat opposite him. "I want to know why you did it."

Gintoki looked away. "I don't want..."

"Not today." interrupted Shinsuke.

Gintoki paused, then he leaned back. "The face."

Shinsuke blinked. Then he become angry. "Don't make fun of me!"

"It is more open than usual." Gintoki said, not caring abut the outburst. "People show what they are really feeling." He stopped, remembering. "For some reason, yours was beautiful."

"That's weird." Shinsuke said. "But it makes sense in that twisted way."

Gintoki glanced at him, but it was in that guarded way. It was like that he had this conversation before, and it never ended up good.

"But wouldn't you want to others to see that as well?" Shinsuke asked.

"But it is so boring." Gintoki said, as he actually straightened up. "Everybody seems to enjoy it, but for me, there is nothing."

He calmed down a little. "They say that if I just let my feeling flow, I will enjoy it, but there are not there. These feeling or whatever."

"None at all?" asked Shinsuke. "Towards nobody?"

Gintoki nodded. "Yes."

"That's practical." said Shinsuke.

Gintoki now looked up in surprised. "Practical?"

"Sure." Shinsuke said. "You don't have to be careful. You don't have to control you body reactions. Seems great."

But then Shinsuke started to think about. "But they you also don't know the nervousness when they are close, the happy feeling when you touch. So I guess it is even."

Shinsuke smiled at Gintoki, but Gintoki had already tacked him on the floor. They were fighting for a win, but it was Shinsuke that ended on top. He was panting. "Gintoki, you know what I said about self-control?"

"What about it?" Gintoki asked in challenge.

"I love you. In every way." he said, as he put a small kiss on Gintoki's lips. "So if you keep teasing me, I don't know how much could I hold back."

Gintoki grinned, as he used his body to flip them over. He was looking at Shinsuke face, that was red now. Then he simply lay down between Shinsuke's legs, his head on his chest. "I am not teasing, you know."

Shinsuke took the hand up, and started to play with Gintoki's hair. "I know."