Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 4: Why Are People So Thickheaded? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinsuke was surprised that Shouyou did not go after Gintoki. She even asked Kotarou not to go after him, which Shinsuke found disturbing. But he let it go. Shouyou knew more about Gintoki's past then they did.

The afternoon classes already started, when Gintoki came back. He just took his seat at the back, like always. But Shinsuke noticed that he was having a sword back with him.

Shouyou did not acknowledge the intrusion, but continued with the lecture. But if Shouyou ignored it, the rest of them did not.

Most of the classmates were gawking at him. Some in curiosity, some in disgust and malice. The comments that the students were whispering among themselves were just as bad.

Then he remembered that he was still supposed to be angry on Gintoki for that accident. He did not even wanted to name it in his head. But was it not the same?

Shinsuke was looking at Shouyou, trying to figure out what was he supposed to do. He did not blame Gintoki for what happened today. He was angry, that he was hiding skills like that, but not that he used them today.

But then it was that other problem.

Shouyou finished the lesson, and the rest of the children could not help by try and get away as quickly as possible. But Gintoki was quicker than them. He stood up and walked to Shinsuke's place.

"I am sorry." Gintoki said. "I overreacted."

"I am not angry about anything you did today." said Shinsuke. "Except maybe that you never go full power against me." He looked at Gintoki, determent. "This still counts as your win, you know?"

"If you say so." said Gintoki.

They looked at each other like that, but then Shinsuke remembered that he was still angry on Gintoki, and looked away. Gintoki followed his lead, and left the classroom.

Kotarou waited until everyone left, before he sat down next to Shinsuke. "Whatever he did, he regrets it."

"Like you know what happened!" Shinsuke said, putting the textbook down with the force.

"He really doesn't want it. Or need it." Kotarou said, ignoring the outburst. "I guess he is just wired differently."

Shinsuke stilled, but it was just for a moment. "He told you." It was not a question.

"I don't want to be listening to your sexual preferences again." said Kotarou. Then he stood up. "You are the one that made the first move. At least listen to him." He then left the classroom, leaving only Shinsuke behind.