Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 3: There Is Nothing Wrong Here, Right? [Gintama Fanfiction]

They were having a swordsmanship lesson. Shouyou had just clapped to stop their mock fighting. "All everyone. Why don't we have a demonstration fight today."

The children started to move in a circle, all eager to see who is going to fight today. They were all looking at Shouyou with a hopeful face.

Shouyou smiled. She was sorry, but today she is not going to ask for volunteers. "Gintoki, what do you say?"

Gintoki looked bored, but he nodded, and took his place.

Shouyou looked around, but she had already picked the second one in his head. "And Shinsuke?"

She could feel in the periphery vision that Gintoki tensed, but people that did not know him as much as he did, would not have noticed anything.

"Yes, teacher." said Shinsuke, as he glared at Gintoki. But his walk to his place were well controlled.

Shouyou took his stance and the fight could begin.

He expected them to start with some testing blows, like usual. But instead Shinsuke took the first hit, attacking the hip with his speed.

Gintoki managed to block it, and he was just as surprised as Shouyou. He still managed to divert Shinsuke's sword, thus creating an opening.

It continued like that for a couple of blows. It seemed like whatever they fought about this time it was worse than usual. At least for Shinsuke. But Gintoki was reacting on this, his body moving before his thought could be send his limbs.

Shinsuke did a move, that would almost chop Gintoki's head of, if they would be using the real sword. Gintoki, reacting on instinct, moved down, kicked Shinsuke's legs, pulled the sword from his hands,...

This is when Shouyou started to move to stop them, but he stopped, as it was not necessary anymore.

After that Gintoki only sat on Takasugi's abdomen, his bamboo sword standing on the ground next to Shinsuke's head.

Both of their eyes were wide open, and they were panting. The rest of the class was just looking at them.

Gintoki looked away, as he slowly started to stand up. "I win." he said, and then he left the training hall.

"That ends the lessons for the morning." Shouyou said. He than keeled next to Shinsuke. "Are you alright?"

Shinsuke nodded, as he stood up. It has been a while since Gintoki was be able to beat him so thoughtfully. Shinsuke waited for the rest of the classmates to leave. "What happened?" he asked.

Shouyou looked at the doors, where Gintoki had disappeared to. "I think he forgot for a moment where he is." he said.

Shinsuke did not immediately reply, but looked there as well. "You never clarified where was Gintoki born."

"Because I don't know." said Shouyou as he stood up, lending the hand to Shinsuke as well. "I am not sure even he knows." He then pushed Shinsuke a little. "It is lunch time." he said, while smiling.

Shinsuke looked like he wanted to say something, but he stopped himself, as he allowed himself to be led back to the classroom.