Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 2: You Fought Again? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Kotarou was sitting in the empty classroom. He was reading a book, when he heard somebody sit next to him. He waited, until he read to the end of the paragraph, and glanced to the newcomer. It was Gintoki.

Kotarou returned to his book, knowing that if Gintoki came there will a reason, he will tell him by himself. And if he just came to chill, like he sometimes did, than it is pointless to strike a conversation.

"I was having a fight with Takasugi." said Gintoki.

Kotarou turned the page. "So things are the same as always." Kotarou said.

"I was having the fight with Takasugi." now said Gintoki.

"Changing the grammar will not change the situation." replied Kotarou. "Why don't you two just fight it off, like usual?"

There was a quiet for a couple of seconds, so Kotarou actually looked up. Gintoki was not looking at him, but he actually looked a little troubled. Which was unusual for Gintoki. He put the book down.

"What happened?" asked Kotarou.

"I helped Takasugi with masturbation." said Gintoki.

Kotarou sighed. "Samurai's don't discuss sex preferences, Gintoki."

"Well, you asked." said Gintoki.

"I asked what you fought about." said Kotarou, as he took the book again. "If you plan to make fun, then find somebody else."

"But I think that was the problem." said Gintoki.

"You think?" Kotarou said. "Gintoki, you don't even like sex."

"Yes." Gintoki said, as he deflated. "That might have been the real problem."

Kotarou looked forward, not really noticing anything. "But Takasugi doesn't know that, right?"

"I tried talking to him afterwards, but..." Gintoki started. The shrugged. "I don't think he liked it."

"I see." Kotarou said, as he returned to the book. "Then you two will need to talk it out."

Gintoki continued to sit there, but he decided not to comment anymore.