I Dare You To Kiss Him [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was sleeping on the tree at the riverbank, his back being propped by the log, and teacher’s sword in his hands.

Which proved to make Katsura’s job harder. Why did Takasugi have to be so insistent to that bet? He could be reading the book right now, not climbing the tree for something so stupid.

He started to climb the tree. The branches were quite far apart. How did Gintoki ever managed to climb there? No, more importantly, why would he always bother to climb that high up?

He was on the last branch, when he looked down. He was quite high up. He looked up, about to grasp the last branch, when he noticed Gintoki looking at him, still leaning back on the tree. It surprised him so much, that he missed the grip and he felt his legs lose the support under him.

He prepared to crash to one of the branches below, when he felt the pain on his left wrist. He opened his eyes and looked up, seeing how Gintoki was dangling from the brach with his legs, and was grabbing his hand with both hands.

“Can you get some grip?” Gintoki said, the tension seen on his face.

Katsura felt around with his legs, hitting the branch and managed to stand there. Only then did he felt Gintoki release his grip. Katsura took hold of his branch. This really was not a good idea. “Why do you always climb to such places?”

“It feels safe.” Gintoki answered. He had already managed to get to the branch next to the one Katsura was on. He than asked: “What are you doing here, Katsura?”

Katsura averted his eyes. Then he looked straight at Gintoki. “Will you kiss me?”

“What are you saying now?” Gintoki said.

“Don’t misunderstand it. Takasugi dared me that you won’t do it.” Katsura said, looking away. “I just don’t want to lose to him.”


As Katsura looked at Gintoki, he felt something wet on his lips. It stayed there for a couple of seconds. Then it disappeared. Katsura put his finger on his lips.

“This is fine, right?” Gintoki asked, as he leaned back to the tree.