Can We Keep A Demon Cat? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinsuke, Gintoki and Kotarou were walking down the street. As per usual, Shinsuke and Gintoki were arguing.

Gintoki was telling something to Shinsuke. “Don’t you agree with me, Zura?” He turned around, but Kotarou was nowhere to be found. They looked at each other, and started to walk back.

Shinuske was annoyed. “He really needs to get some common sense!”

Gintoki just rolled his eyes. He was too used to Shinsuke’s complaining, to take it to his heart.

They found it three streets back, as he was covering for something, while the people were trowing stones at it.

Gintoki quickly moved to catch the stone that was going to hit Kotarou’s head.

Shinsuke had instead kicked one person that was about to throw the stone in a knee, and punched another one in a place where even sun doesn’t shine. The three people stopped throwing stones, and they glared at Shinsuke. “Get out of the way.”

“No way.” said Shinsuke, and he wished he would have his sword with him. He knew that Gintoki is not going to led him his.

“What are you doing?” Gintoki said to Kotarou. He looked behind him, and he saw an old cat lying there, looking like he was about to die. The blood that was stuck to the fur did not help as well.

“What did the cat ever did to you?” Gintoki asked. He put his hands down, not that he realized that they are talking.

“It is a demon!” The woman that was just watching so far screamed. “Get it out.”

Takasugi was stopping himself for stomping on the woman’s foot. Oh, but it was so tempting.

Gintoki turned and picked the cat up, and deposited it in Kotarou’s, arms. “We will make sure the cat never comes back.” Gintoki said glaring at the people there. They were all taken aback at the intensity, so they did not move. After a couple of seconds he started to walk away.

Kotarou looked at the cat in his lap, and then at Shinsuke. He only got a shrug in return as they both followed Gintoki away.

“And what are you going to do with this cat?” Shinsuke asked, as they all started to walk together. “It looks like it is about to die anyway.”

“Everybody deserves to live, Takasugi.” said Kotarou.

“But will teacher even allow the cat?” Shinsuke asked. “I imagine it would be a nuisance to the school.”

“Then we will not tell him.” Gintoki said.

Takasugi wanted to say something, but then he changed his mind. Gintoki was acting weird, since they left that place. “It is on you two then.”

Kotarou beamed and he was starting to think what he is going to do, so there was a spring in his steps.

Because they had a cat, they returned to school, Kotarou finding a place in his room for a cat place. He then went to get some water and started to clean it.

Takasugi decided that this was a waste of time, so he left. Gintoki had soon fallen asleep just outside of the room.

Kotarou had already stopped treating it and he already feed it, when he heard the teacher’s voice down the hall. He quickly put the cat on it’s place and stood up.

Shinsuke’s voice joined the teacher’s, and he started to complain about Gintoki wanting to spend all the money for sweets again. Shouyou’s laugh was vibrating through the hall, and Gintoki woke up, and stood up, making his way to there as well.

Katsura followed, as they made small talk, everybody helping to put the things that Shouyou brought away. They are reopening the school tomorrow, so they needed a lot od supplies.

It was not until night, that Gintoki had stood up from his bed, and went to the cat place. The cat was looking at him. He put the hand there, so she was able to smell it. “You are quite a cute demon.” he said. She then started to move until she was on his lap.

Gintoki smiled, as he petted her, looking at the distance. Not that he could see much, as it was dark. “I was also called a demon once. But then Shouyou found me. Just like Zura found you.” he smiled. “So everything will be fine now.”

Shouyou was just checking on her three students, when he heard these words. He stood there, and looked at Gintoki, how he was absentmindedly petting the cat. He decided to not disturb him, and left.

In the morning, Gintoki was sleepy, and Katsura was looking obnoxiously at the doors. Shouyou smiled.

“Well, if you tell me where you got it, you can bring it here, Kotarou.”

Kotarou turned around, and he was red in the cheeks. His eyes were wide. “Got what, teacher?”

Shouyou just continued to smile, as he took another serving of the rice. He decided not to comment on it.

It was interesting to see how his three boys looked at one another. Then Shinsuke turned away and Gintoki said. “The people in the city were attacking the cat and we decided to bring it here.”

“I see.” Shouyou said. “I don’t mind. The more the merrier, they say.”

Shinsuke tired to look indifferent, but both Kotarou and Gintoki smiled. Kotarou run and went to get it. Shouyou winked at Gintoki, who turned away and tired to pretend it does not bother him, while picking his nose.