I don’t Want it [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi imagined the silver hair, that arrogant smirk, these red eyes, normally so relaxed. He could feel it filling up under his hand, as he stoke it the same as he always did. He looked down, feeling hot. “Gintoki.” he whispered.

He could hear the paper doors opening. “Yes?”

He looked up, and he noticed that Gintoki was looking at him. He looked like he was going somewhere else, as he had books, most likely to teacher, under his arms.

Takasugi looked away, the face getting even redder also with embarrassment. He slowly moved his hand from his penis, as he wanted all of this to go away. But even so, the closeness of Gintoki only intensified his desire. There is no way he could even stand up normally.

He could hear the doors close, and Takasugi closed his eyes shut. He made himself go into a ball. He saw it. Now that he saw it.

He could then hear another plump, but he did not paid him any mind. Until…

“Takasugi?” he heard a worried voice.

Takasugi did not answer. His brain had a black out and he was unable to process that Gintoki was still there.

No, that is not quite true. He could feel the shover going through his body at the sound of that voice. Normally he could control it, but in a state like that.

He could feel the hand on his forehead. He was sure that his body temperature shut up even higher. He could not take that.

“You don’t seems to have a fever.” said Gintoki. “So what is wrong?”

After there was no answer for a couple of seconds, Gintoki said: “Should I get teacher?” he started to stand up when…

“No!” Takasugi said, as he was still in the protective ball. “Please.”

Gintoki stopped, and then he sat back down. He could hear a sigh and he imagined that he was having an annoyance written all over his face. “Can I help?”

Takasugi wanted to say yes, but he did not say anything.

“Do you want me to go?” Gintoki than said. His voice was without any feelings.

Takasugi shook his head a little, even though the parts of his brain, that were still working were screaming at him to get as far away from Gintoki as possible.

He slowly looked up at Gintoki’s face, and he noticed worry there. Gintoki was actually worried for him. “I want…” he started, but he was not able to finish.

Gintoki waited there. It was quite unusual for him to just wait there patiently like that.

Takasugi simply slipped his hand, the one that was still clean, around Gintoki’s neck. He could see that Gintoki looked at him with suspicion, but as he slowly made him lean forward and he came closer, he did not felt any resistance.

Gintoki’s lips were wet and sweet. He figured that it was quite fitting for Gintoki. If you asked Takasugi, it lasted too short, yet it seems like it was long as a whole season. Lot better than he imagined.

He only realized that he closed his eyes, when they pulled apart. He looked at Gintoki, but he could not explain the look on Gintoki’s face. It was weary. But there was no discuss, not rejection or anything similar there.

Takasugi still looked away. “I am sorry.” he said. He hoped that Gintoki would finally realized what is going on and just let him wallow in agony alone.

“Can I?” Gintoki asked.

Takasugi looked at him, not understanding the question. But Gintoki’s eyes were determent. “Can what?” he asked.

Gintoki slowly moved between his legs, and he looked at his face the whole time. Takasugi could feel their breath mixing. He could feel Gintoki’s hand on his penis, putting slow strokes up and down.

But that was not the most intense thing. It was the intensity of Gintoki’s eyes, as he constantly looked at him, caching every twitch, every micro-expression.

Takasugi did not last long, and the finale was just as quick. He could no longer feel any of the feelings from before, he just felt like he wanted a nap.

He could feel Gintoki rearanging them, so Gintoki ended up leaning on the wall, with Takasugi nuzzling his face against his chin. He felt that Gintoki wiped the sperm with the inside of his clothes, but Takasugi did not care.

He could feel Gintoki starting to play with his hair. It was nice, but it also reminded him, that the only one getting anything was him.

“What about you?” Takasugi asked. It would be a great chance to play out some of his fantasies, but he was feeling quite content where he was.

He could feel a twitch, and Gintoki’s hand stilled in his hair. “Don’t bother.”

His voice was colder than normal, like he wanted to put something between them.

Takasugi looked up, but Gintoki was not looking at him. He was looking away, his eyes closed, like preparing for a slap. “Don’t bother?”

“I…” Gintoki started, then exhaled his breath. “I don’t feel that. Any of it.” he said, as if that would explain everything.

“Don’t feel anything?” Takasugi said. He was no longer looking at Gintoki, but down. “I see.” He stood up.

“Takasugi, I…”

“So then why did you do it? To make fun of me?” Takasugi asked.

“No.” Gintoki said, and they waited like that for a couple of seconds. “Takasugi, I am sorry, but I…”

“I don’t want to hear it!” Takasugi said, as he could noticed that his fists were shaking.

Gintoki did not say anything, just sat down there. Takasugi could not deal with it anymore and he left the room.