You are Free, Right? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was sitting on the grass. It was quite a nice day to be there, the sun was great, and the wind was cooling down. Quite the summer weather.

He heard somebody coming down the grass toward him, his walking pattern and the horrid smell of the tobacco making his quite aware who it was. He looked back into the face of Takasugi Shinsuke.

“If you want apology for the last time, you are wasting your time.” Gintoki said, as he turned forward again.

Shinsuke chuckled, as he stepped next to Gintoki, looking at the distance as well. “What about for fighting my second in command?”

“Maybe if you would give me a tour of the Kihentai, I would actually know who they were.” Gintoki threw back.

“Why would I need to tell that to a person who quit that fight?” said Takasugi.

Gintoki did not comment on that, as he took a couple of papers from his kimono and offered them to Shinsuke, who took them, glanced over them and put them in his own kimono. “That is quite a find.”

“Now I don’t owe you anymore.” Gintoki said. He expected Shinsuke to just leave, but for some reason he was still standing there.

“Why Shinsengumi?” Takasugi eventually asked. “Quite unusual, even for you.”

Gintoki sighed. “I thought it was the last request.”

Shinsuke glanced at him. “Still sentimental, I see.”

Gintoki then turned to Shinsuke. “You knew what Itou wanted from the start, right?”

“Obviously.” Shinsuke took a smoke from his pipe. “So how were they?”

“Naive.” Gintoki said, as he looked to the river again. “But at least they don’t know better.”

“You think us naive?”

They stood in silence for a while. Then Gintoki eventually stood up. “I better get going. The kids will worry.”

Gintoki started to walk away, when Shinsuke grabbed his arm and pulled. Gintoki almost lost his balance as he turned. They both looked at the offending arms. Shinsuke slowly released his. “That’s…”

Gintoki put the grin on his face, as he grabbed Shinsuke’s hand again. “You need to go anywhere?”

“Not really.” Shinsuke said, looking at Gintoki in annoyance.

“Good.” Gintoki said, as he started to drag him away. “We can then visit Zura and we can have a lazy afternoon together.”

“I have better things to do than being with you two idiots.” Shinsuke said, but he let Gintoki drag him away. He really did not have plans for later, so why not?