Katsura Goes in the Past [Gintama Fanfiction]

“We should have been in class.” Katsura whispered, as he walked after Gintoki and Takasugi. He could just imagine Gintoki and Takasugi simply rolling his eyes. He figured that simply going with them was answer enough.

They came to the room, that was now dubbed as the medical room. They looked around, and the village doctor was just outside, so they came inside. All three of them looked at the person sleeping on the futon.

“He almost looks like your father, Zura.” Takasugi said.

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” Katsura replied. “And it can not be. Both my parents died years ago.”

“Maybe you have some relatives, you did not know about.” Gintoki said, as he looked at the face, picking his nose.

Katsura glared at him, but then they all heard the voices coming down the hallway. The doctor was returning, and they all hid inside the closet. It took them a couple of seconds, since Gintoki’s sword was in the way.

It was hard being in the closet, but at least they were able to see something through the crack. The doctor checked the patient’s temperature and heart beat, then he went back to writing.

They spend the next hour or two holed like that, and Katsura really started to wonder, why does he always goes along with these two idiots. He would be a lot more comfortable in the classroom, where he would actually be doing something productive.

Getting a knee or arm in his body was not comfortable at all.

But then he could feel tension next to him. Not that he was not tense himself. The person seems to be stirring. The doctor seemed to also notice that, and he put away his writings and leaned over.

The person looked at the doctor. “Where am I?” he asked, but his voice was husky.

“In the school.” was the doctor’s reply, as he took the glass and offered some water by the straw. “The students fished you out of the river. You would have died otherwise.”

The patient stopped drinking, looking at the ceiling. “I see.” He then tired to get up.

The doctor waited for a couple of seconds, then he sighed. “You are one of the rebels, right?” he asked.

“I have been called that before.” the patient asked, as he managed to sit up.

The doctor put hand on his shoulder. “You need to rest. You body is in quite a bad state.”

“I am fine. Had worse.” He said.

“Well…” the doctor started, but he paused as he did not know how to call him.

“Katsura. Katsura Kotarou.” the patient replied.

Katsura could feel his jaw relax, and he also noticed some movement and one inhale of air. Just a coincidence?

“Well, Katsura. You have damaged stomach and some ugly cuts on the back. I doubt you can join the fighting for a while.”

Katsura looked at him, and then relaxed. “I won’t overexert myself.”

Doctor looked at him, then stood up. “Good. I will just go tell the teacher that you are awake, and seemingly conscious.”

Doctor left the room. Katsura stood up, and went directly to the closet where these three were hiding. He opened the doors, and all three of them fell out.

Takasugi looked at him in defiance, Gintoki in interest and Katsura in apology. They waited for what this new Katsura will do.

But what he did was grab his nose and sighed. “Gintoki, you could have just said it.”

Both Takasugi and younger Katsura looked at Gintoki, who shrugged. It was the first time he even saw that person. “I did not say anything yet.”

“Not you. At least not yet.” the older Katsura replied. “I was talking about my Gintoki.”

“Your Gintoki?” Takasugi asked with a disbelief in his voice. “You are saying like you came from the different dimension.”

“More like the future.” Katsura replied, as he sat down in front of the kids. “I once saw my future self, so it is possible.”

All three of them looked at them in interest, but also a little disbelief. “So you won’t not mind if I test you if you are really me, right?” asked younger the older.

He got a nod in reply and they looked at each other. How to actually test this. “What were my grandmother’s favourite rice balls?”

“Tuna with the mayonnaise.”

“What did we have on the back wall of the first school?”

“The text presenting the important of the caste system.”

“When did we fist meet Gintoki?” Takasugi butted in.

“At the local temple. He interrupted the fight between you and the rest of school boys.”

They looked again at each other, grinning. “They you can tell us all about our futures, right?” Takasugi asked.

The older Katsura looked away at the garden. It seems like the future is not that good.

“We are all alive, right?” The younger Katsura asked.

“Yes.” Katsura said.

“That is good to hear.” came the voice from the other part of the room. They all looked there, and professor Shoyou was standing there with his smile. He then came closer, still smiling. “But you three are still 100 years too early to snick out of class.”

The teacher then turned to older Katsura, but he was already braced to a hit. Shoyou blinked. But he did not let that derail him. “So you are actually Kotarou from the future?”

“It seems so.” Katsura said. He looked at his teacher.