I might have Fought Teacher [Gintama Fanfiction]

Katsura was lying on the bed in Yoshirwara. He was still surprised that Hinowa had granted them the place to stay as soon as she saw them. He looked at the side, Gintoki sitting there, but lost in thought. Like he was trying to come to terms with something.

“Gintoki?” Katsura said, as he gripped his ankle.

He was surprised at the jerk that Gintoki experienced, before he looked at Katsura and relaxed. “Katsura, you awake?”

Katsura narrowed the eyes at the use of his real name, but then he relaxed. “It was just a gunshot to the stomach.”

“I see.” Gintoki said. He was looking at him with that sad smile of him, that Katsura had not seen on his face for a while.

He looked around, but they were the only two people in the room. “Where are Shinpachi and Leader?”

“I told them to get some rest.” Gintoki said. “It is the middle of the night.”

Katsura looked at his face then sighed. “What happened?”

Gintoki was starting to dismiss the worry, when he stopped himself. But he still did not say anything.

Katsura was content with just waiting. He gripped Gintoki’s hand that was there on the ground next to him. He is right here.

“That day…” Gintoki started, and then he stopped himself. “I killed Shouyou, right?”

Katsura paused. What did brought this on? “Me and Takasugi being alive should be a proof enough.”

“I fought Shouyou.” Gintoki said.

Katsura sat up at these words. Fought Shouyou? That should be impossible now…

Gintoki came forward, and caught him, so he did not fall down immediately. Maybe he overworked his body this time.

“You have been sleeping for 3 days.” Gintoki said. “And your wound is not healed yet, you should rest.”

Katsura had put the hand up to stop Gintoki, then leaned to him. “I am alright. Plus, you think that I could really sleep after that?” He looked at Gintoki, and challenged his to make him sleep now.

Gintoki sighed, as he made himself more comfortable. They were just like that for a couple of minutes, and it was almost like in the past.

“I recognized that sword as soon as I started to fight him. I just did not want to believe it.” Gintoki started. “But after I managed to hit his mask…” he trailed off. “I felt like I was back in school.”

Katsura was quiet. He just tried to provide as much comfort through being there as possible.

“But when we finally managed to cup him, he just healed back.” Gintoki said. “That is when retreat become possible, so we run away.”

Katsura felt Gintoki put the head on his. He used his left hand to pet his hair.

“Nobume said that this person was teacher and was not teacher. But she is sure that the one that killed Shouyou was not me, but him.”

Gintoki started to shake, so Katsura simply pulled him down, so his head was on his shoulder. He let Gintoki embrace him more, even if it started to pull on his wound. He let him stay like that for a couple of minutes.

“Gintoki.” he eventually said, and he waited for a small hum from him. “If that person seriously fought you, then it can not be our teacher.” he said. “Shouyou would never do that. You out of all of us should know that the most.”

“Shouyou would never lament you for your choices.” Katsura said. “You are living as a great samurai.”

“Katsura…” Gintoki said, but he looked sideways.

“So stop mopping around. It does not suit you at all.” He smiled at the Gintoki’s face. “When a person does something, they need to put 100% there. But when they are resting, they need to rest 100%, right?”

Gintoki blinked. He narrowed his eyes. “Are you implying that I am not serious?”

“No, I am saying that it is not like you.” Katsura puhhed. “Remember, we promised each other that we will not change. It would be too much work to cut you down.” Katsura tried to looked annoyed.

Gintoki laughed. “Says that terrorist, that started to work with the police.”

“Rebel fighter. And former police. Get you vocabulary checked.” Katsura said, but he could not stop the smile appearing on his face. This is how it should be.