I am already Engaged [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was drinking at the Otose snack, and there were a couple of guests there. It was overall a quiet evening so far. Gintoki came to the counter and took another Yakult and the chocolate nmaibo. Otose just gave him without any question or usual nagging about payment.

That is when Hijikata and Sougo entered the bar. They looked around and they noticed Gintoki sitting at the table in the back. They made their way there.

Gintoki looked up to them, when they sat down. “I really hope to drink in peace tonight.”

“Drinking?” Sougo commented, as he looked at the Yakult in Gintoki’s hand. “You won’t get drink with this.”

“We did not came to discuss drinking.” Hijikata said, as looked annoyed. “It was about the recent accident.”

“I won’t apologise.” said Gintoki, as he took another bite. It was not as good as parfait, but he guessed it is more practical.

“You really should!” said Hijikata, but then he calmed down. “But that is not why we are here.” He put a couple of folders on the table. “The higher ups are asking about you, and Matsudaira came with the idea, that if we marry you to the higher class, they will stop.”

“No.” Gintoki said, as he looked at the Yakult bottles. Why do them only make them is such small bottles? He put the bottle down and sighed.

“But the government will continue to investigate you, if you don’t give them something. You know what will happen, if they find out about the White demon?” Sougo said.

Gintoki leaned back. So much about peace. “The answer is still no.”

“Why?” Hijikata said. “We are giving you a way out. Just take it already.”

Gintoki was thinking for a couple of seconds then grinned. “I don’t know. My two fiances might cook an even bigger problems.”

Both Hijikata and Sougo blinked. Gintoki looked satisfied with himself, to manage to put a wrench in their ‘brilliant’ plan.

“Wait, plural?” Hijikata demanded, he leaned forward. “How can you have more than one?”

Gintoki shrugged. “We figured that after the Joui war the laws will change anyway.”

Sougo leaned forward as well. “So the lazy samurai is just a front. In reality you are having a really hot sex all the time, right?”

“I am not.” Gintoki said indifferently. “So that plan of yours will not work. Can I now continue to drink in peace?”

The two of them did not move, so Gintoki narrowed is eyes. Sougo started to grin, but Hijikata grabbed him for a forearm. “We are leaving.” he said, as he dragged Sougo away.

Gintoki looked after them for a while, then he complemented if he should get another serving or not. On the end he decided not to, and left the bar.

The next day he was laying the bed, when Shinpachi run into his room. Just because he was not drunk for a change does not mean he liked an early wake up call.

“What is it?” Gintoki said, as he yawned. Shinpachi just put a piece of paper in his hands, just as Kagura entered the room as well.

Gintoki had to blink a couple of times, before he comprehended what was written there. Shinsengumi were asking for the fiance of Sakata Gintoki to come forward.

Gintoki offered the piece of paper back. “They are not going to like the results.”

“Wait.” Shinpachi started, as Kagura started to read the paper. “You mean you actually have fiance?”

“It was a long time ago. Most likely I am the only one that remembers.” Gintoki said, as he decided to get dressed anyway. There is most likely going to be quite a rucks.

“That is all? No comment?” Shinpachi asked.

Kagura pocked him in the ribs. “He is just embarrassed that he is actually a damsel in distress.”

With this the person appeared from the roof. Ayame jumped down in front of Gintoki. “Obviously I am that fiance.” said Ayame, as gripped Gintoki’s arm. “I can still remember the promise that we made under that tree.”

“It was obviously not you.” Gintoki said, as he started to prepare breakfast. He needed something sweet, so rice with red beans seemed perfect.

Ayame become red. “I know, you just want to hurt me by saying that.”

“Then who was it?” Shinpachi asked.

Gintoki ignored them, as he prepared his food and started to eat it. They all looked at each other.

“But if we wait by the Shinsengumi, we will be able to see, right?” Kagura said, as she took the food as well.

The three of them took their way, Kagura having the food in both her hands. Gintoki sighed, putting his head down.. “I would never told them, if I knew what would happen.”

“Gintoki?” came the voice from the entry. “Are you here?”

Katsura entered the room and he noticed Gintoki looking all depressed. He sat on the other couch. “You will end up getting diabetes.”

“Don’t care.” Gintoki said, his head still down.

Katsura looked at Gintoki. It was not frequently that Gintoki looked defeated. He moved next to him, and he pushed Gintoki down, so his head ended up in his lap. “Well, I do.”

Gintoki glanced up, then he looked at the other couch. This was nice. If only they could stay like that. But they can’t. “Why are you here, Zura?”

“How many times od I have to tell you it is Katsura?” Kastura asked, as he started to pet Gintoki’s hair. There was no anger in his voice. “I came to lecture you, but you seems to down for it.”

“Lecture me?” Gintoki asked, his voice without any energy.

Katsura closed his eyes. “You know that you need to break one engagement first, right?”

Gintoki closed his eyes as well. “I don’t want to.” His hand curled into fists. “But we also can not just go back.”

Katsura hand stilled in the hair for a moment, and Gintoki tensed. But then he continued to pet his hair. “You never said anything.”

“What was there to say?” Gintoki said. “After the…” Gintoki’s voice broke, and he started again. “Everything changed.”

Katsura decided not to comment. Who was he to contradict Gintoki. What happened back there, what they did afterwards, it did change everything. “I apologize.”

“Why are you the one apologizing?” Gintoki asked.

For not realizing sooner why you did that. For leaving you alone afterwords. For not being able to stop Takasugi,… But on the end Katsura did not answer.

They spend some times like that, until Gintoki stood up, back to his normal attitude. He turned on the television.

“The headquarters of the Shinsengumi were bombed not too long ago. Thankfully there were not casualties. According to our inforamtion, the bomb came with the message 'Don’t do things you will regret’. We have yet to confirm what it was about.”

Gintoki looked at Katsura, who shook his head. “It was not me.”

Gintoki growled. “So that means…” He looked at Katsura. “I am screwed, right?”

Katsura just smiled. “I don’t know. But Takasugi is possessive, so most likely yes.”