First Visit in the Red Light District [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was waiting for them at the table in the front, eating something that Katsura had yet to ever see. It was in the cup, dark and looked creamy like.

He sat next to Gintoki. “I am surprised you finished so quickly.”

Gintoki took another spoon of his food, then passed the spoon to Katsura. “The woman was not a very good conversationalist. And then she showed me this, so I left to enjoy it in peace.”

Katsura took a spoon of it, and tasted it. It was way too sweet, but it also had bitter and nutty understate as well. The after taste told him that there was milk in it as well. “What is this?”

“They call it chocolate ice-cream.” Gintoki as he took the spoon back and took another mouthful. “It is officially my new favorite food.”

Katsura rolled his eyes. Gintoki’s obsession with sweets was somehow cute, if impractical. “You really just left?”

Gintoki looked at Katsura. “Was that not the point of sneaking out of school? To get drunk and have a good time.” He then looked at his ice-cream. “But this is better than alcohol.”

“Gintoki,” Katsura started, “We are in the red district.”

Gintoki looked at him with. “Red district? Is there something special about it?”

Katsura stared st Gintoki. He was joking, right? I mean… maybe he was not. He really did not want to be the one that needs to give that conversation. “Gintoki, did you ever have the feeling like you want to touch the girls? Like an urge to touch?”

“Touch? Like in a fight?” Gintoki asked. The ice-cream was melted enough, so he was able to mix it. Now it seems like it was even better than before.

“No. I mean in a more… friendly sense.” Katsura said, as he tired to put it down diplomatically. It was one thing to do it in a private place, it was quite another to talk about it is a public place.

Gintoki was thinking for a while. “No, I don’t remember any such urges with girls.”

“But did you have them with men?” Katsura asked. He was clearly convinced that Gintoki was making fun of it.

Gintoki took another spoonful. “I would not call it an urge, but it is something that I would like.”

“See, that is what you were supposed to do with that woman.” Katsura said. At the same time he cursed himself. If he would realize it before, he could make sure…

“So she should pet my hair?” Gintoki asked quizzically. “None of the other people did that.”

Katsura blinked again. Where did that question come from. He asked carefully: “Gintoki, what kind of touch do you want?”

“Well,” Gintoki started, waiving his spoon at the same time. “I like when I can fall asleep propped on teacher’s back. And I like when he ruffles my hair. And I like listening to his heartbeat. And also yours and Takasugi’s. I like playing with your hair. I sometimes do, when you are sleeping. I like sleeping on Takasugi’s stomach as well.” Gintoki was looking up, trying to come up with something else.

“That is all?” Katsura asked, as he looked at him is disbelief. “Nothing more intimate?”

“Seems intimate enough for me?” Gintoki said, as he looked at Katsura. “What else did you have in mind?” Gintoki tired to take another spoonful, but the cup was empty.

Katsura took the cup. “I will get you another one.” He said, as he left the table, leaving behind the confused Gintoki.

When Takasugi came, he found Gintoki finishing his ice-cream, waiving him over, and Katsura hiding his face in the table. He sat next to them. “What is wrong with Zura?”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” said Katsura, but it was muffled, as he still did not look up. He did picked up.

Takasugi turned to Gintoki, but he only got a shrug on return. “He was talking about touching people, and then decided he prefer to have the earth swallow him.”

Takasugi pocked Katsura. “Was it so bad?” he asked.

Katsura then stood up. He looked at Gintoki: “You finished, right?”

Gintoki nodded, and Katsura started to walk away. Takasugi and Gintoki looked at each other, and then followed him.

“Why the hurry?” asked Takasugi, as they reached Katsura. “It is not like they will be worried at the school.”

“I am not explaining that.” Katsura said, with the red face. “I am not explaining the meaning of red light district at all, you got that?” At the last words he turned to both of them, pointing at Takasugi. He then huhed and continued walking.

Takasugi looked at Gintoki, who seems without the care in the world. He sighed. “I see.” He decided not to comment further.